Trench Coats in Paradise

I have the good people at UK retailer extraordinaire JD Williams to thank for today's post. JD Williams is the UK's leading direct home shopping experience, and they provide one of the most comprehensive range of sizing options on the web. When they contacted me and wanted to send me this Fit and Flare Mac from their Lorraine Loves collection, I leapt at it. A classic trench coat (or Mac for Macintosh, depending on what part of the world you hail from) is one of those things that should probably be in every fashion lover's closet, and I admit that it was a rather conspicuous void in mine.

This version really is perfect for what I like in a lightweight coat. I find the shorter length to be more convenient and much chicer than the longer, more traditional designs that can sometimes look shapeless and dowdy. This coat is fitted through the (double-breasted) torso and flares at the hips, to really accentuate the smallest part of the waist and give a bit of feminine flair. I also like that the fabric belt is a simple tie, and doesn't have any of the traditional hardware buckles on it. I've always found that hardware on trench coat belts ends up clanging against things, scratching the finish on anything it comes into contact with, and weighing the belt down to the point where it slides out of the belt loops when you want to wear it untied. This one stays put, and that is a revelation for me.

JD Williams was also kind enough to throw-in this Joanna Hope faux fur stole, which is So. Much. Fun.  It almost adds a sort of 1920s vintage raccoon coat vibe to the look without having to slay any creatures in the process, which is good. As much as I love fashion, I do not do real fur.

This jacket arrived the day before we were leaving for the Gulf Coast of Florida to meet my family for a holiday, and it turns out it is the perfect travelling piece. This very lightweight coat folds-up nicely in the overhead compartment of the plane or fits in a tote without ending up looking crushed, and it gives you a really polished look that is always a bonus on a travel day. It's also water resistant, making it the perfect jacket for those warm weather holidays where you might need something a bit warmer in the evening or if it rains, but don't want to bring anything heavy that might take up space that could be used for that 9,000 kilos of Oregon Pinot Noir and American hot sauce that you are planning on bringing home to the UK. An American girl needs her American hot sauce.


  1. I want to be where you are !! Love it. You look fabulous, I love the trench coat on you, it shows your great shape, and your fur, how cool! I also love the shoes :-)
    Have a great weekend,
    please stop by, jess xx


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