Cozy Sweater Layers

Man, it's cold out here. Are you guys cold? I'm totally freezing. That's why I'm wearing not one but two sweaters. Or jumpers, as they call them over here. To me, a jumper is one of those one-piece dresses that you have to wear another shirt underneath. Whatever you want to call it, I have on two of them.

Every magazine on the planet does a "sweater dressing" piece or two when the fall and winter collections roll out, and I always look forward to them. Up here in the Highlands, you can wear knitwear pretty much year round. I tend to look to secondhand outlets like Ebay and thrift stores for mine. As I've said many times before, the quality of both high street and high end knitwear has taken such an incredible nosedive I actually find myself getting angry when I'm shopping for knitwear anywhere else.

I found this one on Ebay. It's 100% soft Merino, and it's my go-to schlumping-around sweater, although It's still presentable enough to be able to make a look out of. I think you last saw this sweater here.  Underneath it I'm wearing a sleeveless cabled cashmere turtleneck, last seen here.

Not exactly high art, sure...but it still looks like you put some thought into it, even if you're just going to run back inside and drink lattes and wash dirty socks and whatnot.

Merino sweater via Ebay, similar / Neiman Marcus sleeveless cashmere turtleneck (old), similar / Tamaris boots / Jones New York skirt (old), similar / oval gold hoop earrings (old), similar / gold plated ring (old), similar

Make it happen.


  1. Oh my gosh... I totally agree on the poor quality. It makes me so angry. Why on earth would I pay $150 for an acrylic sweater???
    You always find great stuff on eBay and thrifting.

    Love those boots.


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