Erebos & Skotos

Every year after the festive season, I sort of breathe a sigh of relief that the consumerism and self-imposed anxiety of the holiday season has come to an end, and I'm instantly ready for lighter-weight clothing and colour. Never mind that we still have months of dreich winter weather ahead of us (or that I'm not that long back from vacation). And just now, I found that in linking that definition of the Scottish word dreich, I learned from the good folks at Merrium-Webster that Scotland got its name from the Greek word for "dark", so I feel that my opinion is therefore validated, as that can only be the universe agreeing with me. Funny, I had always thought that the Greek word for darkness was "erebos", which confused me as to how they could get "Scotland" out of that, but I now see I was mistaken, and that the Greek for darkness is "skotos" (aaaaah, see?). Erebos is the God of Darkness who had a bit of a thing for dark, sprawling mists, but apparently it's also a term that is sometimes used to refer to Hades in general. So there it is. I've always been a bit of a Greek mythology nerd.

Okay, pencils down. The whole point of this lecture is that I get sick and tired of seeing nothing but dark all winter long, and feel the need to take action. Lighter colours, happy prints, and textures that aren't GoreTex seem to appeal to me at this time of year, even if it is a bit on the cold side to be wearing this particular look without a jacket. To top this off, I'll probably add my green moto jacket, or a black or white boyfriend or tux blazer. Just enough to keep out the chill while still keeping the skotos at bay. Take that, Erebos, you miscreant.

H&M trousers (old), similar / Warehouse top (last season), similar / H&M sheer blouse (under top, old), similar / Thrifted Donald J. Pliner booties, similar / cashmere scarf (old), similar (on sale!) / Judith Ripka watch, similar / Judith Ripka Ring / Brighton bracelet (old) similar / Gemporia gemstone & sterling silver earrings (old), very similar

Make it happen.


  1. What a cool look! And as a literary nerd and English teacher, I always love a lesson on mythology and etymology!
    Dawn Lucy

  2. Marvelous trousers - and thanks for the history. I love that word-stuff. xo

  3. I feel the same way! I've been gravitating toward lighter colors (well, if you consider grey, ecru and bone "colors"). Now you've got me hankering after a white wristwatch again.

  4. Those pants! Those boots! Love!

  5. Love the layered top. Great proportions for that outfit.

  6. This outfit is so on trend, yet so classic. Love the pop of dark red! Very stylish.

  7. Love this look on you. I just looked up the meaning of "dreich." While we don't have dreich weather this time of year in my part of Canada (not many mists, nor fogs, nor rain unless it's freezing rain) we do have darkness and cold. And lots and lots of snow. So I'm with you on wanting to wear more colour. The one great thing about winter here is that a sunny day with fresh snow can be wonderful!

  8. Love, love, love the booties! And the red scarf adds a perfect pop of color.

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  10. Way to go Kristin, we are so impressed with the blog and love the look that you have created. If it was possible to make the highlands even more beautiful, you managed it. Peter & Hilary

    1. Awwww...shucks. You guys have made my day now. Didn't miss anything up the hill today...all the links closed. Had a great time at dinner, glad you found me! See you very soon, K

  11. Hi there! So many blogs, so little hours in the day! I wanted to stop by, as I love your style THese pants are great, I love the look, the slim style and the pattern. The white top isgreat as well, and I love the black heels!
    from the link up,

    please stop by, jess xx


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