Modani Winter White

The folks at modern furniture retailer are hosting a blogger challenge which involves putting together a mood board that captures one's sense of style. The challenge: to create your ideal modern living room. Of course I'm going to have a go at this - I'm a list maker, so mood boards and wish lists and whatnot are right up my alley.

This particular offering would be my perfect modern living room for a crisp winter's day...if I didn't own a bearded collie and have such a penchant for red wine. And coffee. And then spilling said red wine and coffee.

I chose to use this beautiful sofa from their Modern Sofa Collection because I have a bit of a thing for an austere, cleanly-designed piece of furniture. I have always lived in small(ish) spaces, and a simple, clean, and modern aesthetic really makes the most of a small space. A sofa that is elevated on legs (as this one is) also leaves a bit of negative space around it, giving the illusion of more space in the room. This is a great trick if you are trying to kit-out a small apartment, it really works!

Modani Winter White


  1. What a lovely living room! I am afraid that a gorgeous white living room such as that one would not last long for me. That said, it's stunning!


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