Socially Acceptable Sweatsuit

I thought it would be fun to challenge myself and try to take a fashion faux pas as my inspiration and make it into something socially (by which I mean fashion-socially) acceptable. Plus, I'm always going on about how travelling in sweats, yoga pants, or if you're like the group of teenage girls I recently saw at the Miami International Airport, pajama bottoms (yes, really), is pretty much tantamount to walking around in your oldest pair of workout-pile-relegated granny panties. In my mind, yoga pants, pajama bottoms and sweatpants fall into the "underwear" category. Therefore, in sweatpants you're pretty much walking through the airport in your smalls. Waaaay too much information people. 

Before I threw together this look, I had been carrying wood and watering my orchids. I was covered in sawdust, bark, and all wet down my front. With the aid of a hairdryer, an oxford cloth blouse, a sweat-skirt last seen here, and my trusty over the knee boots, I was able to make this rather ratty sweatshirt into something that is really comfortable, yet not mortifying to walk through an airport in. 

As I've always said, it can be done. I hasten to add here that I'm not for a moment saying that "comfortable" is in any way synonymous with "sweatsuit", but if you must...well. This. 

thrifted sweatshirt, similar / H&M sweat skirt (last season), similar/ thrifted express oxford, similar / Tamaris boots (now on sale!) / Louis Vuitton Spedy BandouliƩre bag/ Judith Ripka earrings (old), similar


  1. I actually love a sweatshirt-with-a-skirt, it's one of my favorite off-duty looks (wore one today!) You look terrific, love the boots. xo

  2. Those are some awesome boots. I've recently discovered skirted leggings as my "sweatsuit alternative" and am contemplating a pair of over-the-knee boots to go with. Your skin always looks amazing.

  3. This cute look reminds me of Britney Spears 'Hit Me One More Time' days... hope you had a great NY celebration. It has been quite warm this 'winter' here..

  4. Greetings from New Jersey! Your outfit is lovely! What colors have you found to work well with your hair? Please share the eyeshadow and lipstick shade you are wearing in these photos. It looks amazing.

    1. Bobbi Brown Cement (lighter taupe) in the crease (my ENTIRE EYELID IS ONE BIG CREASE THESE DAYS) and Bobbi Brown Slate (smoky purple-grey) over the top of my liner (top lid only) to smoke it out a bit. This is my standard fallback eyeshadow. :)

    2. I realise I didnt answer your other question. I think jewel colors probably look best on me, but I've stopped worrying about matching my clothes to my hair. If it feels right, I wear it. I do have a bit of a thing for heather grey though...go figure.

  5. Oh you look utterly gorgeous here.


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