Blue Marmalade Pajamas

When I was asked to review this completely awesome set of PJs by London-based loungewear retailer Blue Marmalade, I jumped at the chance. Then I realised I was a bit unsure about how to present them to you, this being my first-ever loungewear post. Lucky for me, about a week ago, actor Mark Ruffalo helped me decide how to present them by tweeting his SAG award acceptance from his bed, in a very similar pair of PJs. Hey, if it's good enough for Hollywood's A-list...besides, Mr. Ruffalo and I both hail from the great state of Wisconsin, where we know a thing or two about bunkering-down when things are gettin' real with the weather. For this and other challenges that life throws at you, good pair of PJs is essential gear.

That said, a good-looking, comfortable pair of PJ's isn't just good bunkering-down gear, it's good practice. This is very much in line with Blue Marmalade's philosophy, which is that we should pay just as much attention to what we wear when no one is looking as we do when we dress for others. Sage advice.

This super soft Short Sleeve Top and Long Classic Pant have a beautifully louche fit, with the sort of drape you can only get from the sort of high-quality thick jersey fabric that they just happen to be made of. They're trimmed with classic PJ piping, the elastic waistband is comfortable and and is finished with a luxurious wide drawstring ribbon, and...aaaand....wait for it.....the pants have pockets! Whether you actually use them to put things in or just plan on standing around looking suave, they've totally nailed it with the pockets.

My impression? 11/10 in all areas; design, detailing, fabrication, and fit. And of course, major points for the pockets. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go tweet something.


  1. I love comfy jammies! Stop by tonight or tomorrow and link up with FUN FASHION FRIDAY and share your fun pics with us!
    Dawn Lucy

  2. I agree it is a great new brand of loungewear.

  3. MMM could spred you on my toast in the morning x x Hee hee Dicky Doo UK x

    1. Against my better judgement I've published this comment. Dicky Doo, it would never work. I'm not a big fan of toast.

  4. I am all about cozy loungewear! Looks lovely stylish and comfortable. For a bit, I thought perhaps you met Mr Rufalo in his pajamas and this would have been a different post. Ha! Love the little sheep

  5. I just came over to your blog from Deborah Bolan's blog. Where in WI are you from?

    -A fellow Wisconsinite

  6. Eau Claire originally :) welcome fellow cheesehead!


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