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Pictured here is an excellent specimen of a Lesser Plaid Jacketed Yank, native to North America, and shown here in her adopted habitat. Note how she attempts to blend in with her surroundings by adopting the colours of the landscape. This is unusual for this species, who normally prefers to display her brightly coloured plumage - which she often enhances with shiny bits of metal and stones that she collects. Here, we can see some of the aforementioned brightly-colored plumage showing on the anterior aspect of her breast and torso area. Although it has never been proven, some theorise that the Yank stores these collected stones and precious metals in the pouch that can be visualised on the lower left quadrant of the torso. This has yet to be scientifically proven, and the contents of said pouch remain one of the great mysteries of the species.

This Lesser Plaid Jacketed Yank appears to be migrating, as evidenced by her foot coverings. Due to the time of day, she is likely on the hunt for sustenance, which she will likely find at the local coffee shop watering hole.

thrifted Aquascutum blazer, similar / mango jeans / Ann Taylor blouse (old), similar / Clarks booties (old), similar / vintage Coach handbag, similar


  1. I like your jacket a lot! You look wonderful in this outfit.

    Greetings from Prague!

  2. I'm contacting the Audubon Society immediately. Just discovered a new species (and a wonderful blog) and am thrilled about it!

  3. Love the plaid jacket, and I recognized those cute booties. I dont have them but like stylish comfy booties. The yellow really pops with the outfit.
    from the link up,

    please stop by, jess xx

  4. Long time reader, first time writing: I love the two vintage Coach style bags you have shown recently! (The smaller white one in your vacation photos, and this one). I carry an old brown Coach, similar to yours, as my daily purse and am firmly a New England Yankee. At least I did until last week, when our new Labrador chewed one corner of the purse off. Only in Maine. Now I am torn between hunting for a new purse (the new offerings are pretty dismal) or just using it as is. LOL.

    1. You should check out Etsy. There are a LOT of sellers on there who deal in vintage coach, and while you have to be prudent, you can find some nice ones!

  5. I totally love those boots and the way they balance out the plaid and yellow shirt. And your inimitable sense of humor:).


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