No. Just, No.

Looking to add an extra 15 pounds to your frame? Trying to find the perfect way to say to the world, "I'm standing on the aft deck of the S.S. Middle Age, there's a fire in the engine room, and there's no more room in the lifeboats?" My friends, I have the answer - the return of the Mom jean.

Today on my way back from tennis, for the sake of comedy I decided to try on these Mom jeans at New Look (yes, they're actually new, off the rack). And while it may be true that I have my tennis dress stuffed into the waistband, I sincerely doubt that these would get any more flattering with appropriate styling.

Why. On. Earth!? 


  1. LOL Is that a book you've stuffed into your crotch? In case you need some light reading later during the day? Brilliant idea! ; P


    1. OMG it DOES look like I have a book...maybe an iPad even, stuffed down my pants! And believe me, with the pooch on these babies, there's room for more.

  2. I agree that style is not for you. Have you tried the NYDJ? They are fitted and very flattering with a higher waistband but no saggy baggy bits.

  3. I have come to believe that pants, in general, are for chumps. Trends change so quickly, sizes are so unreliable, and the way they are cut in modern manufacturing is so unflattering. But the Mom Jeans trend just leaves me in utter disbelief.

  4. I did a quick google search and was gobsmacked to see "Mom jeans" everywhere! And not just baggy, unflattering jeans that we have labelled "mom jeans" because they look so un-chic. But clothing companies actually naming this style of denim "the mom jean!" And they all looked baggy to all the wrong places. What the ....???


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