Ten Dollar Tunic

Omigosh...I can't believe that I forgot to show you guys this tunic. I have had this for ever...it's just one of those things you sort of take for granted. Well, anyway...ta-daa!

This is a Michael Kors beaded tunic, and I got it on Ebay for $10. Yep, $10.  It's made of a really heavy, almost brocade material, is fully-lined, and has beading at the neck and cuffs (which are 3/4 length; perfect for someone like me who is always pushing her sleeves up).

It was one of those rare Ebay moments where I had just logged on, did a search, and BAM, there it was, and with only three minutes left. I had to do some serious speed reading and some other last-minute high speed Ebay Kung Fu, but I knew I wanted to take a chance on it, and I'm so glad I did. It's just one of those things...the stars were all aligned that night. If you believe in that sort of thing. Me, I'm more of a believer in the self-fulfilling prophecy, which in a roundabout way, would make this find a result of pure skill. Pure, mad, Ebay skill.

Yep, that's what it was.

Look closely, I'm pretty sure I have lipstick on one of my incisors in the close-up below. I'm not editing it out, for the sake of comedy. You're welcome.

Michael Kors tunic via Ebay / Jag skinny jeans / Donald J. Pliner booties (old), similar / Frames.com glasses


  1. That's a gorgeous tunic, what a great find! Love the booties too.

  2. You look amazing in black and white. It tends to be too heavy for most people but you carry it off well. Lovely tunic!

  3. That is a great tunic! You are awesome at thrifting.


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