When It All Goes Wrong

You know how sometimes you enter into something with the best of intentions, but just nothing seems to work, and you end up just abandoning it and kind of saying "well...that happened."

So last week, after shooting last Friday's post, I thought I would be extra-proactive and spend a little extra time road-testing one of the products that came to me in my last sampler pack from Korea. I changed into a tank top and a pair of old jeans for the experiment, and...well...that happened.

What is underarm white peeling perfume? Good question. Apparently it's a kind of deodorising, exfoliating, bleachy-type cream that beautifies your underarms. Didn't know you needed to bleach and exfoliate your underarms? Neither did I...I thought that kind of thing was meant for beauty extremists and porn stars. Oh, and in case you missed it, it smells like baby powder. Like, a lot of baby powder. So. Much. Baby powder. 

If you want to learn more about what underarm white peeling perfume is and what it does when used by someone who actually takes the time to follow directions and do it properly, you can follow this link. Me, I'll be sticking to a stick of good ol-fashioned deodorant.


  1. You're a much braver woman than I. I'm still recovering (mentally) from the time I waxed my own underarms! I break into a sweat just thinking about it!


  2. LOL! Another body part I have to feel bad about? I am still struggling with the no-hair-allowed-down-there trend. xo

  3. You are too funny! I've never understood the obsession with "beautifying" underarms, or other parts of the body that never see daylight.

  4. Thanks for my chuckle of the day. You should watch the Irish sitcom "Mrs. Brown's Boys"...when Agnes tries bikini waxing. Hilarious!

  5. Personally I HATE the smell of baby powder, always have. But why bleach the hair, why not shave it?? I'm one of 'those' women who had my underarm hair and "down there" hair lasered off. I think we should have evolved enough not to need it.

  6. This was hilarious!

  7. hahahaha you are too cute!! Long time reader..first time commenter :) It was just too funny not to reply!! Coco


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