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Just like the song says. This is it, my fancy jacket. This is one of the things I brought back from my shopping attack last week. It's an Alberta Ferretti jacket, marked down so much I nearly had a coronary right there in the shop. Seriously, have you ever found something in the sale pile and just wanted to yell, "do you people know what this is!?", before making a mad Gollum-scamper to the cash register, my precious in hand.  Although to be fair, I can see why this probably didn't sell. The color and cut can skew a little bit old lady, and seeing it on the hangar, it's hard to envision what it would look like when styled.

These things generally do not prevent me from taking advantage of something with great bones, and there is nothing better than a well-appointed piece of tailoring with great bones. I love a bracelet sleeve on a garment (I'm constantly pushing my sleeves up), and the embellishment on the front makes a neutral color that I would normally never think of putting next to my face wearable and glowy. Plus, there are plenty of ways to wear just about any color if you play your hand right. With a neutral like this taupe (something I would call a "weak" color), I like to pair it with something stronger, in this case an acid green top. It just gives it some depth and takes the seriousness out of it.

This jacket is finished really elegantly and feels great on, as one would expect from a high-end Italian designer. I see myself pairing this with things like distressed jeans (as above) and shorts and whatnot, as to keep it from looking too Madame, as Michael Kors would say. Anyway, I'm thrilled to death with this thing - it's a forever piece, without the forever price tag.

Alberta Ferretti jacket via TK Maxx / Rag and Bone jeans / Aerosoles shoes (old), similar / Nicky Butler ring (old), similar / Gap tank (old), similar

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  1. What a find, and you've styled it perfectly to look young and fresh! xo

  2. SCORE! I think it is gorgeous and you have styled it perfectly.

  3. That is awesome! Beautiuful detailing and color. I love your writing "Golum-style scamper ...my precious!" Perfect imagery!!

    thank you for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday!
    jess xx

  4. Kristin I'm hyperventilating over that jacket!! What a gorgeous piece!!!!!!!! Well done you...! (Great styling BTW with the jeans - perfect.)

    Catherine, Not Dressed As Lamb x

  5. Simply delightful, looks fabulous on you!


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