Inspiration: The Vertical Garden

This is my new vertical garden. It's rare that I fan-out into decor endeavours here on the blog, but I'm so stoked about my plants I thought I'd share. I have had an obsession for a while with orchids and living wall gardens, and I thought that this would make a slightly easier, more climate-friendly option than trying to maintain a living wall. In other words, I can remove the pots from the trellis and stage an emergency evacuation of all of the orchids from the conservatory when the temperatures unexpectedly plummet from the Scottish weather. This can happen at any time. One must be vigilant.

Turns out, this is a huge trend right now, and a real space saver. I love nice clean surfaces in the house...not a lot of clutter sitting about, and this is a great way to still have all of my plants on display while utilising some unused wall space. I took the easy way, with a simple trellis (it's actually gridwall from a retail display outlet) and some pot hooks, but there is a whole vertical world out there, just waiting to be discovered. I'm still looking to add a few more plants to the display. Perhaps some of my bigger plants and a few more air plants for balance. The best part is sitting underneath all of my "chids" while I write; I get to enjoy them in a different way. This has been such a fun and effortless addition to the house that it sort of made me start wanting to nail everything I own to a wall.


  1. This looks fabulous Kristin. Having the plants dotted around a room wouldn't have the same impact. Maybe orchids are herd creatures? This arrangement really suits them.


  2. Cute! This is very big in SF, may even have originated here:). Of course, I'm saying that with absolutely no proof whatsoever.

  3. Hey, that's clever! You seem to have a green thumb for orchids too.


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