It's In The Details

When you take it at face value, this look is a bit of a snooze-fest. Not that I don't like it...I do, or I wouldn't have shown it to you. It's just that there are some days where you feel like wearing something totally outrageous (gold sequinned hotpants anyone?), and there are other days where you just want something clean and unfussy. This look falls into the latter category.

This type of look is something that I have quite a lot of in my wardrobe; a sort of clean-cut, American Prep vibe that while may not be the most creative sartorial statement, always looks clean and pulled-together. It's perfect for warm weather vacations where you are limited with how much you can take, and you'd be surprised at the wide range of dressing situations it can actually see you through.

This blouse is a Lilly Pulitzer that I found for a great bargain (you know how I love a bargain) on Ebay. The things I love about it are twofold: it fits like a dream, and has some really great detailing to it that you have to get up close to see. The collar and cuffs are lined in zebra (nice), and the ruffle and deep-v styling at and around the placket (that's the middle bit where the buttons go, in case you're not a tailoring nerd like me) gives it a bit of a feminine edge that I like. The shoes, earrings, and heavy-framed glasses I chose to give the heavy contrast of the collar and cuffs some balance. Basically, any excuse to wear something with an animal printed on it and I'm there.

Lilly Pulitzer shirt via Ebay, similar / Jag skinny jeans (old), similar / Aerosoles wedges (ancient), similar / Bailybelle earrings / frames


  1. I think it looks great and fresh...mostly because you look amazing in white jeans! Not everyone can pull that off.

  2. What a fun it with the white jeans!

  3. Very fresh and modern! We're wearing similar shirts today. xox

  4. You carry off Prep with so much panache. A little rock and roll, if that's possible.

  5. Love the details! Your black shoes are beautiful and that white stitching is fabulous with that outfit! Love!


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