Shopping Attack

I suffered a shopping attack last week. I was in the city with no intention whatsoever to look at clothes. However,  there were so many cute 70s-inspired pieces and some seriously good deals to be had. I'm talking black belt, DEFCON 5-level shopping here. I guess I kind of lost my sartorial shizzle for a minute and just sort of went nuts. But can you blame me? Look at these deals I got! These are the kinds of deals where you look at the tag, then sort of look over your shoulder around the store just to see if anyone else is watching, because this can't possibly be the price, and surely I must be getting away with something here...

Tune in later for the big reveal!


  1. Looks like TKMaxx to me. I do love that store you can be incredibly lucky if you persevere.

    1. Yep. I looooove TK Maxx. And you're right, part of the allure is the hunt.

  2. C'mon, c'mon - show us what you bought!!!

  3. I love the cheeky red print writing on the label sucking us in even more! So excited to see what goodies you purchased! Andrea x


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