Witness My Hypocrisy

I said I wouldn't. Actually, I think I've even said I would never.  And yet, here I stand before you, in full sun and in the middle of the road for all to see, wearing a pair of culottes. About three years ago, when the blog was in its infancy, I wrote a piece about the current trends that were coming around, and referred to culottes in my most withering of tones. You can even read the piece here.

And yet here I am.

It goes to show you how truly fickle fashion really is, although I think even at the time I wrote that piece, I did include a look that I sort of liked, and lo and behold, It looks almost identical to the one I'm wearing today. This was a complete and utter sartorial coincidence, although after having this culotte epiphany, I'm not so sure I even believe in sartorial coincidences any more. Because guess what? I like these. They're so comfy, have an ease about them, and the nearly sister-wife length and volume tickles my funny bone, although admittedly it begs to be styled with slightly edgier and more casual pieces. Personally, I think these were made to go with platform wedges.

Lucky for me, I'm not the kind of person who once she makes a very public declaration of affinity for something (or lack thereof), feels like she can't go back on what she said, even if it was three years ago. I feel no need to plaster a scarlet "H" to my breast and parade around the town. Things change, styles change, and certainly when you write a fashion blog, you get more adventurous in what you wear...if you want to call culottes adventurous...that's probably a bit of a stretch. So yep. I'm wearing culottes now. And I'm not even sorry.

Highland Fashionista's List of Things She's Said She Would Never, Ever in a Million Years Wear

skinny jeans
printed trousers
anything by Lilly Pulitzer
green eyeshadow
a thong
a Louis Vuitton bag
leopard print
zebra print
pink pants
faux fur
fake eyelashes

Mango culottes (on sale!), similar / H&M blouse (old), similar / thrifted denim jacket, similar / thrifted shoes (from here), similar / 14k rose gold bangle (old), similar (splurge), similar (steal) / 14k rose gold and smoky quartz ring (old), similar / 14 k rose gold oval hoop earrings (old), similar (amazing deal!), similar (steal) / Ray Ban Jackie Ohh II sunglasses


  1. I like them. I think that they look good on you. I haven't tried a pair but I might.

  2. Never is the next new thing! says Wendy Brandes, and she is right. You look gorgeous in these and you have me re-thinking my own prohibition. xox

  3. That's so me....I said I'll never wear a maxi dress and guess what was on my body on Saturday? I think the more we see of something, the more we grow used to it and even start liking it? Besides culottes come in so many silhouettes and styles, that if you think of it like a skirt that won't blow up on you...it's all good! jodie

  4. Awesome!!! You rock the look! Coco

  5. You look fabulous in your culottes! I bought a pair last spring and got a few 'winces' at work. My favorites were a fake leather pair I purchased last fall from Zara and happy to see them still continue to be strong. The last time I wore them was 1972 I think!

    So happy to run across your blog. I too am an American expat and living in Aberdeen. We just sold our flat & are headed back to the US this summer. Sad to go / : Wishing you a great new week ahead.

    Deb :)

  6. I like them, they look very pretty on you. I have my old culottes from when they were in before. I always liked culottes, since I lived in Germany when I was a child. They reminded me of the lederhosen my brother wore. Plus it is hot in the summer, the shorter length is a relief from the intense heat!!


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