Enough Already.

See? This is why we can't have nice things.

Lately, the weather in Scotland has been bad...bad like a really bad boyfriend. It will be lovely for a few days, then all of the sudden turn dark and sullen and go on a bender where it behaves downright belligerently for a while. A good long while. Then, it gives you just a wee glimmer of hope, only to disappoint you yet again. It's constantly disappointing you, keeping you walking on eggshells. You're constantly wondering how it's going to react in any situation, leaving you in a constant state of worry that it might explode and make a scene, which it can do in unparalleled fashion. After a while it wears you down; you just decide to cut your losses and stop trying to wear your nice clothes, make the time to style your hair, or put on anything that isn't a rubber Wellie boot. It's a toxic and controlling sartorial confidence underminer, and if it were a human we would all be running out and getting a restraining order.

It was my hope today to show you this thrifted merino wool fabric swing cardigan that my Mom gave me, but I have neither enough light nor patience to wait out what is quickly becoming the second coming of winter. It's not really been warm enough yet this year to wear the shorts and skirts that you have seen me in of late, but I've been putting on a brave face in the hopes that the weather would take the hint. Screw it, I'm going inside. Seriously, enough already.

What's the antidote to weather like this? (No, not booze, although that sounds pretty good right now) Bling. That's what. I may be stuck wearing nothing but rubber boots and gore-tex when I'm brave enough to want to go outside, but this weather calls for a bit of bling. Take that weather, you insufferable wretch.

thrifted merino cardigan / thrifted denim skirt, similar / Homebase garden Wellies, similar / Ebay necklace (old), similar / Judith Ripka stud earrings, similar


  1. Nice look, the jacket is beautiful. The first picture is very funny.

  2. Love that skirt, just what I'm looking for. Lets hope the weather picks up or I will be doing a similar post!
    Laurie x

    1. Check your local thrift stores...especially if you're in the US and have a Goodwill nearby. I have ALWAYS had great luck with Goodwill and denim. I found two denim skirts on my last visit, and one in white on the visit before that. Now that a-line 70-s inspired denim is in, you will probably find something very on-trend!

  3. It is not much better down south. Wind and more wind it is very difficult to get any decent photos.

  4. Hahaha - Denmark is exactly the same - loved the photostory, that is sooo typical. I packed away my sweaters this Thursday and dug them out again this morning... Yuck!

  5. Gosh, it's cold and rainy and windy and horrid today! I didn't want to get out of bed this Monday morning. My solution is pastel coloured cotton scarves. Warm but they look summery, or at least Springy.

  6. LOL! I feel for you and I know exactly what you are going through! The weather is absolutely unreliable here too (the Netherlands). On some mornings I wear sweaters, tights and shawls, in the afternoons I can slip into something more comfortable (summer dress) But the next day there is only torrential rain, so wellies and mac! Hang in there girl!

  7. You look adorable and you've got the right idea wearing your Wellies in the rain, I wore my Wellies when I went to work today I hate getting my Tights splashed.


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