Found My Field Jacket

I had forgotten that I had taken my old Air Force field jacket home from my parents' house a while back, and it surfaced again today. I think technically you're supposed to remove all the insignia from it before wearing it in public, but they've changed the camouflage of the BDUs (battle dress uniforms) since my day, and I'm pretty sure that nobody is going to mistake my 43 year-old grey-streaked self for someone masquerading as enlisted in my backyard in Scotland.  I kept this one for sentimental value. This was the jacket that was handed thrown at me when I went to basic training, and so every once in a while on a day like today, I trot it out to walk the dog. Maybe not in these shoes.

So today is the 28th of May, and I'm wearing a military-issue field jacket, a cashmere sweater, and booties. And I'm freezing. Because it's still gale-force-windy and cold here, and the rain showers are still coming hard and fast at intervals close enough to have made me run off of the tennis court about 7 times today during my near-futile attempt to get in a few sets before hypothermia took us all to meet our makers. Look, we know summers are short here, but this seriously bites. Nobody is expecting high art at this point, but if mother nature would throw us a bone....well, that would be great. If not for us, do it for these poor tourists I see all huddling around the town with their backpacking and camping gear on their backs. God help them. I'd be backpacking right to the pub in this weather.

Today was virtually awash with obstacles - one after another. I encountered yet another, slightly different kind of obstacle trying to get a few shots of the Outfit Du Jour, although at least this bunch of obstacles had the common decency to make me smile.

Air Force issue jacket, similar / Levis hi-rise skinny jeans (old), similar / thrifted shoes, similar


  1. LOL Loved these shots! : )


  2. Love the jacket. Great look!


  3. Great pictures, love the sheepdog. We have one as well. I love how funny they can be. It looks like he's trying to heard you back into the house! Hope it warms up soon for you!


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