Up Where We Belong

You have the song in your head already. You know the one. The Will Jennings Song from An Officer and a Gentleman. It's going to be in your head all day. You're welcome.

I am of course referring to the royal we in up where we belong...and by we I mean our. And by our I mean our waistbands. They belong UP HERE. Can I have a hallelujah for the return of higher waistbands? Louder, I can't hear you. (I'm in the Highlands, remember?)

Seriously, let's look at these for a second. I'm not talking about your front-pleated, poochy-crotchal-regioned, flat-asstic-Mom-jeans kind of high waistbands. I'm simply referring to a nice, respectable flat-fronted waistband that sits on your natural waist, that actually feels comfortable, hides a multitude of sins, and that doesn't show off 6 cm of crevasse derrière every time you sit down. Thank God. Finally. Plus, higher waistbands = longer-looking legs. See? I'm actually only 5'2".

Okay, that's a total lie. But still. Higher waistbands people. Check them out. Set yourselves free.

thrifted blouse, similar / Zara shorts / thrifted shoes, similar / thrifted scarf, similar / Eternal Collection Earrings (more to come on these) / Ray Ban sunglasses


  1. Great looking shorts, Kristin. And amazing legs! xo

  2. Love the pattern of the shorts. Great look!



  3. Love the shorts. Also, I hereby nominate you for the best legs in the blogosphere:).

  4. I'm jealous of your long gams. Looking very Jackie O here.


  5. Yeah, your legs are killer! I'm 5'2" and I do not wear shorts well. I may have to try the high waistband 'trick'.

  6. A delicate, soft, beautiful and attractive look. Shorts are beautiful, with a nice waist design, and printing, and fabric wonderful. The headscarf is great. A fantastic look.

  7. Thank goodness. I could never understand the low waistband thing. So uncomfortable I spent my day trying to hitch them up on the very few occasions I bought a pair of trousers which fitted below the waist only because I could not find any other option a few years ago.

  8. Couldn't agree more! I've always loved the high waist very chic. & great legs btw 😉

  9. Beekeeper that I am, I LOVE the earrings! Can't wait to hear more. . .

  10. Wow! What a great summer outfit! Love the scarf in your hair and those shorts are so unique. I sure wish I had your legs!

  11. I recently bought a pair of high-waisted black jeans, and I am a total convert! I purchased them from a small boutique, and I keep nudging them to carry them in every color of the rainbow. I'll buy them, I swear! Lower rise jeans cut me at my widest part and always give me a muffin top. Hallelujah for higher waistbands! Your look is so spunky and cute. Love all the special touches on those shorts. You show off those legs!

    <3 Liz

  12. Kristen you look very Grace Kellyish! :)


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