The Easiest Thing in the World

I mean, if we're being completely bare bones about it, this is really just a big shirt. It's a big ol' shirt with pockets and a string at the waist that cinches it in juuust enough as to give a bit of a hint of the underlying waistline. Like, a visual allusion to a waistline, as opposed to the actual thing. It is really and truly the easiest thing in the world to wear; you're only one thin layer of fabric away from being naked.

In summer (don't be fooled by these photos, summer has yet to arrive in Scotland), I love to wear things like this. Shirt dresses, tunics...basically anything that you can just pull on over your head and go. Great for the warmer weather (whatever that is), and you can travel comfortably in stuff like this and not look like a complete tatterdemalion.

I like to pair anything navy with gold. This shirtdress has kind of a more casual brushed lyocel finish, so I chose a more refined gold necklace and ring to go with it, to kind of balance it out a bit. I'd love to talk more about the look, but with something as easy as the easiest thing in the world, that's pretty much it. Pull it on, you're done.

Okay, there is one more thing. If you look at the photo of my shoes, you can still see the elastic marks on my legs from my running tights. Comedy.

H&M Conscious Collection shirtdress / Dune sandals (old), similar / 14k byzantine necklace (old), similar / gold plated coin ring (old), similar / Target sunglasses


  1. A very nice dress, I like the simplicity, I like the elegance of the basics.

  2. I can't believe how good you look in a garment so casual it would look like a "don't" on most women. I do agree that the gold accessories elevate the outfit. If you didn't have those tight marks you'd look entirely too perfect :-)


  3. Cute dress and I love it paired with your nude sandals.

  4. Great style. This could easily look sloppy but your simple accessorising has worked brilliantly to achieve an air of 'effortless chic'. Bravo. I will be digging out a similar dress I have lurking in my wardrobe. I love your hair BTW. x

  5. A perfect dress! I'm going to be looking at my local H&M for this!

  6. So stylish denim outfit! You're looking fantastic.


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