The Happy Gardening Accident

No, I have not literally had a gardening accident. I've not gotten my hands caught in the gears of a combine harvester or gotten a little too close to my ear with the electric hedge clippers. Allow me to explain.

I found this wool Edun skirt in TK Maxx the other day, and the minute I saw it I knew I had to make it mine. I have been searching high and low for just the right short black skirt - it's been a gaping hole in my wardrobe for some time. I knew I wanted one in a lightweight wool (check). It needed to be slightly a-line, sit a little lower on the hips for practicality and ease of movement , and have a hemline that hits just at the right part of the upper thigh (check, check, and check). This particular specimen also has a few extra little design details that make it just a wee bit more special, without ruining the overall lines of the skirt. It has a double-tiered effect with some box pleating in the front, making it easy to move, and making it something that you don't have to accessorise a lot.

I pulled the skirt on this morning, still wearing the sweatshirt that I had on with my yoga bottoms. My intention was to think about what tops in my wardrobe I wanted to pair it with while considering my closet.  However, when I crossed in front of the mirror, my reflection caught my eye. I liked the way the plain, sporty, dressed-down sweatshirt worked with the skirt. Almost like something you'd wear on the tennis court. Sport chic, completely by accident. That's the accident.

In the summertime, the road behind the house is awash with tourists, who often wonder what this strangely tall American is doing in the middle of the road with camera equipment, dressed like she has somewhere to be. I spend a lot of time waiting for the background to be free of walkers in summer. One such gentleman passed-by today, and as he did, he took stock of my look and said "a beautiful day to do a bit of gardening!"

Eh? Don't get me wrong. I keep about fifteen or so orchids in the house, a few flower beds with lavender and other easy to grow varieties, a couple of tomato plants, but I'm not much of a gardener. While I realise that the gentleman was just opening a dialogue, is this really a gardening look? Gardening? In these shoes? In a miniskirt? No. The only things I will be digging for in this outfit are snacks.

Edun wool tiered skirt via TK Maxx, similar / thrifted cotton sweatshirt, similar / H&M Sandals (last season), similar / sterling silver star earrings (old), similar


  1. I like this look so simple, skirt is cute.

  2. What a great skirt. Love the detail - elevates it to waaaay beyond being just a short black skirt. And you're so right about the grey sweatshirt totally working with it. You so rock a short skirt with those legs.

    You always manage to find such great pieces from TK Maxx. My local one has a limited amount of skirts for some reason, sadly!

  3. legs are looking great x DICKY DOO X

  4. Another pair of gorgeous shoes! You should just pretend to be a tourist too! Lol! x

  5. Great skirt and a perfect pairing with your legs!


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