Don't be fooled. It's not really warm enough here to be dressed like this, but seeing as though everyone else around the globe is sweltering it out in hot, muggy conditions, I thought I'd share my hot weather dressing formula. Not that it's particularly complicated. As I've said before, a loose-fitting shift is really just one click away from being naked, which in stiflingly hot weather, is exactly what feels right.

This is yet another $5.99 thrift store find from my last trip to the U.S. It's a bit big on me, but I kind of like that in a shift dress. I think in hot, beachy weather, wearing tight clothing just looks kind of try-hard and out of place. I thought this dress would be a great wardrobe extender, and would work equally well over a bathing suit as it would belted with a skinny summery belt and worn out to dinner.

I had a dress like this years ago (these were popular in the 90s), but it had more of a flippy skirt. At the time, I was working for the cruise lines as a musician, and wore the dress for a deck party the band was playing at. It was customary for a lot of the ships' officers to come out for the deck party back in those days (cruise liners were a lot smaller in the early 90s), so quite a crowd of officers and staff had gathered at the bar behind the bandstand by the end of the night.

After the gig, I was packing up my instrument, and a gust of wind came along, blowing my flippy skirt up in the air, revealing my bright purple lacy panties (don't judge…they were the last pair I had clean). Naturally (for optimum embarrassment) I had my back to the crowd at the bar, so the entire ships' complement got a full view of my purple posterior. So much so that a round of applause erupted. Total mortification. The skeevy magician guest entertainer even came up to me and thanked me afterwards, which made me die inside all over again.

But this one's not a flippy skirt, so that can't happen again, right?…Right!?

That reminds me, it's still not too late to enter that Wardrobe Malfunction Essay Competition, which will close at midnight GMT on the 31st of July.

Thrifted aloha dress, similar / Target sandals / 14k sea life bracelet (old), similar / gold plated rose quartz ring / 14k twisted hoop earrings (old), similar

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  1. Such a beautiful summer print.



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