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I arrived back in Scotland earlier this week, and pretty much from the moment I landed, the weather has been doing this sunny one minute, chucking-it-down with rain the next minute routine. It's been impossible to try and get photos done, between the alternating super bright light and the rain (sometimes at the same time). But then, that's what we're famous for here. Well, the rain part anyway. The super bright light seems like an afterthought thrown in to mock us.

They apparently had "summer" in Scotland while I was home in the States last week. It was last Wednesday to be exact, and temperatures got up into the 80s Fahrenheit. Yep, one day. Funny, normally people are always pretty quick to tell you how great the weather has been in your absence when you return from a trip, although this time, you have to admit, it's a bit of a hard sell if the whole of summer is going to amount to one day. So far that seems to be the case.

However.  Not only has that not dissuaded me from obtaining summer clothes, it has actually made me become all the more obsessed with them. Take these two easy cotton shift dresses. I found these in the sale pile at Old Navy, someplace I rarely frequent, yet someplace that always seems to have some nice once-season options that you can wear for a summer and not worry about when they die. Which is also why you can clearly see that I have no designs on ironing them. These dresses are easy, cute, and if you are going someplace warm (someplace that has a consistent track record of actual summer. You know…someplace that's not here), you could easily get away with packing nothing but these dresses, a few pairs of shoes, and a light jacket or cardi and call it good.

dresses both Old Navy, similar / Sam Edelman for Target flat sandals (last season), very similar / thrifted gold leaf leather pumps, similar / 14K Sea Life bracelet, very similar


  1. Great LWDs. Sorry for the lack of summer. We are having an exceptionally cool and wet summer here in Michigan too. I dislike it.

  2. Two wonderful dresses, two very nice looks, two beautiful designs. I love the fabric of the dress with sleeves, but I really like the design of the dress with straps. Two wonderful shows elegance, without complications or unnecessary formalities. Kristin, it's hard not choose you every week to my selection.


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