Madam, I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

All of you regulars know by now that I love a bit of prep in my wardrobe, but I like to subvert its nice clean appearance by pairing it with something that would most likely get you booted out of the country club.  I just feel more like myself when a look is somehow less than perfect.

I found this pink flamingo shirt at Target on my last trip to the US, and while it's not a color I normally gravitate to, I fell in love with its kitchy, prep-derivative appeal. Paired with a distressed denim skirt, it's almost as if I started getting dressed for lunch at the golf club, got halfway there, but then just couldn't bring myself to put on the club-approved, white, knee-length Bermuda shorts.

"That's it" I might have said to myself, "I'm tired of living this double life", and instead grabbed this skirt out of the dirty laundry basket, still smelling of stale beer from the seedy bar that I was in until 3am. "Screw the dress code. Screw capri pants. I'm wearing this" I would have said, as I gave the skirt a quick sniff before shaking the last of the body glitter off of it and spritzing it with Creed Vetiver Geranium. "There. Now probably no one will even notice".

Target flamingo blouse (no longer available online), similar / thrifted denim skirt, similar / slingback shoes (old), similar / 14k sea life bracelet (old), similar / 14k gold stud earrings (old), similar


  1. Subversive prep is one of my all time favorite styles. Your bracelet is perfect in that theme. I suspect the flamingos ate the crabs as soon as you finished this shoot.


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