The Green Necklace Challenge: My Buy Less Wear More Summer

One of the benefits of being trapped inside for much of the summer while the weather continually refuses to cooperate is that you have no excuse but to take stock of your closet and make assessments. This is something I tend to do at least twice a year anyway; there's nothing that makes me crazy faster than having too much clutter around.

You will have noticed by the Shop My Closet tab at the top of the blog that I have embarked on one such closet assessment. I have made a pact with myself that for the remainder of the summer, I am going to make a concerted effort to buy less and wear more. And yes, that includes thrift shopping.

After my closet clean-out, I thought I would move on to trying to wear more of some of the pieces that I decided to keep. To break myself in slowly, I thought I would start with accessories. That seems easy, right? So for one month, I will incorporate an accessory that I have rarely worn but genuinely like. Additionally, I'm going to pair this chosen accessory with clothes I already have in my closet, thus forcing me to dream up new and interesting ways to wear them.  While I've challenged myself to do this for the remainder of the summer, this year it's been quite  difficult to tell if summer has started yet, let alone when it might actually end here in Scotland. So, basically I have given myself carte blanche to do whatever I want for as long as I want, until it either snows or the world comes to an end. After all, this weather very well could be a sign of the apocalypse (zombies!)

To kick off the challenge, I chose something I thought would be relatively easy to incorporate; this green Murano glass bead necklace, given to me by my mother in law. I'm wearing it with a Zara "dress" that you have seen many times before, although to call this piece a dress is, in my opinion, laughable. Granted, when this dress first came out I'd seen other bloggers wearing it as a dress, but I'm assuming that they must be a different height than yours truly. This as a dress is definitely not an option for me, unless I decide to have the very specific goal of getting arrested. Anyway, starting off nice and easy, here goes the August Green Necklace Challenge.

Murano glass necklace, similar / Zara "dress" (old), similar (with sleeves) / Lilly Pulitzer denim skirt (old), similar / Kenneth Cole platform sandals (thrifted), similar

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  1. Great idea. I've been trying to wear more of my closet this summer as well. Like you I have pieces that I still love, but rarely wear. Poor orphans just hang there all summer...unworn and unloved. Sorry you are having such a non-summery summer.

  2. Gorgeous! I love the whole outfit and think the 'dress' would also look fab with skinny jeans and leather jacket when it's a bit cooler. Or with leggings and a denim jacket, perhaps? I'm totally loving the necklace!! That colour is divine.
    I'm going to take a leaf out of your book (is that even the right expression??) and go through my wardrobe this summer and do as you're doing. I love the idea of trying to use some more of my jewellery, because I have tonnes of it and never know quite what to wear with it all. As I approach 40 (just a few months to go), now's the time to get more adventurous!
    As soon as I came came across your blog, I knew it was my kinda blog! Totally love it. I shall simply have to subscribe!
    Hugs from your new follower in Portugal,
    P.S. I so envy you being in Scotland - I hate this heat here!

    1. Welcome to the blog Suzy! However, be careful what you wish for with being in Scotland…this "summer", it has rained absolutely EVERY SINGLE DAY, and he temperatures have not yet gotten higher than about 14 or 15c! I am listening to the rain crashing down as I write this. Most of us would do just about anything for a little Portuguese sunshine right now. I guess the grass is always greener!

  3. LOL I LOVE the rain, Kristin!!! How about we swap for a month? ;) lol
    But seriously, I am blessed to live here with so much sunshine. What would be perfect for me would be to live half the year and half over there somewhere... perhaps Scotland or Wales. Somewhere surrounded by beautiful countryside!

  4. This dress would also look fabulous with leggings and boots and even a long cardigan over it!

  5. The necklace is beautiful, and you look cute.

  6. I love this look! I would have to do the same, I look at some of the zara dresss and think, it wouldnt cover my butt! Great print on you, and the jeans skirt is perfect with it. Love the unique piece of green jewelry! pretty and glad to see you!

    Thank you for linking up with Turning heads Tuesday!
    jess xx


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