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Okay, full disclosure - last week, my husband and I escaped to the beaches of Greece while the blog ticked away all by itself. Sneaky, right?  More on that later this week. Anyway, we're back now, so don't be mad. Besides, it's me who's mad... I guess this is my official post-vacation whine. It's always going to be a bit depressing going from the vibrant colours of the balmy Mediterranean back to perma-grey, but for some reason, this time I just felt it more. Summer never really took hold this year, and now there is the distinct look and feel of fall in the air.

Retailers too have moved into the new season with disappointing resolve. When we landed back in Scotland, we spent the afternoon walking around in Glasgow before heading back up to the highlands. Naturally, I went and had a look at the offerings in the shops. Just you know…for science.

I have to say that the offerings in the high street shops were pretty uninspiring…and not just because I am in whiny post-vacation mode either. Everywhere you look, everything is black, burgundy, black, camel, grey, and black. Did I say black? There's black. I know black is the fallback choice for a variety of looks, for everything from "edgy" to "safe", but I can't help but feel like it's just a bit of a foregone conclusion. Upon closer inspection,  I've found that even the fall trends are a bit ham-fisted and lacklustre. Black and white, military, fur trimmings, ponchos, seventies folk….it's all been done, and pretty recently at that.

While normally I usually see at least one or two seasonal trends that I feel I might want to incorporate into my fall wardrobe, this season just leaves me feeling stranded.  I feel like the S.S. Fashion Industry has hit the doldrums while sailing through several past seasons worth of flotsam and jetsam. She's just sort of bumping her hull up against past-season bits and bobs that are floating about and waiting to see what sticks. Once she's collected enough all-black looks and ponchos and military jackets and fur handbags, we'll then start the somber floatilla towards winter, probably picking up a gale force 8 wind along the way.

I'm having none of it. I'm not done with color yet, so I'm not going quietly into The Dark Season. That's why I love my Missoni sweaters. I don't have many (they're kinda pricey), but they make me instantly happy, with their zig-zaggy chevrons and space-dyed colors. Okay fine, it's not the vibrant hues the Med, but it's a start.

Missoni sweater (last season), similar / Calvin Klein jeans (old), similar / Calvin Klein pumps (old), similar / glass ring purchased at art fair, similar


  1. Faaaaaabulous sweater!! Perfect with the bright pumps.

  2. I heart that sweater - it's a classic for the ages. I am longing for some cool days!

  3. lovely attitude, winter is dull enough to don't cheer up wearing some cute sweaters and fabulous shoes!

  4. I agree I am not that excited by the trends featured in the magazines or in the stores. If you have time to dig deep there are some good individual pieces. I will use my bright coloured scarves (I still have some vintage missoini ones) to liven things up.

  5. Agree, agree. Love that sweater, especially with the pumps. It's been disgustingly hot in eastern and HUMID! Feels like 40 celsius today. And here I am longing to wear my greys and blacks. Of course we didn't get the late start on summer like you did.

  6. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels disappointed with what is coming into the shops. It feels very deja vu. Been there, done that. I too am sticking to colour and two fingers up to black! Perfect choice of colour for the shoes with the fantastic jumper.

  7. I love your fierceness and creativity. Weather notwithstanding. Your choice of pumps make this extraordinary. Gad I wish I had not blown out my knees!


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