The Last Gasp

Hello again internet dwellers! My apologies for a slow last week. I had to work quite a lot last week, and spent the remaining time either asleep, wishing I were asleep, or plotting and scheming for the next time I could be asleep. I may actually be sleeping right now. After a while, it gets hard to tell.

It's that time of year when fall is definitely in the air, while summer is still trying its hardest to hang on. For us here in Scotland, summer never really got started, so really it is breathing both its first and its last at the same time. These poor hydrangeas only just came into bloom in the last week, it's been so wet and cold. Look at all that moss. That's an epic amount of moss, even for Scotland. So a first and last gasp for summer then. Basically there's a whole lot of heavy breathing going on here right now.

I almost walked right past this rust (Burnt Sienna? Raw Umber?) Marni top when I originally saw it at TK Maxx. I had one of those moments where I thought that the color wouldn't suit me and my silver-streaked hair, or go with anything in my wardrobe. Fortunately, I came to my senses pretty quickly. When you find a heavy silk Marni top for under £30, you do not walk past it. You also don't listen to that stupid inner voice telling you that something won't suit you without trying it on. Luckily I took my own advice, because this top is super comfy and feels luxurious to wear. I paired it with something that is usually reserved for much colder weather, an equally luxurious camel hair blazer from Ralph Lauren. The blazer (last seen here), has a silk lining, and teamed-up with the silk Marni blouse, there is a whole lot of slippery luxury going on all in and about this look; I'm like a really well-dressed and comfortably posh eel underneath this jacket, and it feels great.

As an homage to the still-warm (sorta) weather, I thought it would be fun to pair these items with something that is still referential to summer, so I chose white skinnies and cork wedge sandals. I like the effect, and I was really surprised how much I like white and camel together, so I will be using this bag of tricks again as the season progresses. Watch this space.

Ralph Lauren camel hair blazer (via eBay), similar / Jag jeans (old), similar / Marni blouse (via TK Maxx), similar / thrifted Franco Sarto wedges, similar / coin ring (old), similar splurge, similar bargain / 14k Byzantine necklace (old), similar

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  1. Great transition look.


  2. A look very elegant, attractive and beautiful. I love the color combination. The blouse is cute and pants look wonderful on you.

  3. Gorgeous transitional look, in very soothing colors. You look great - glad to see you again at Vis Monday!

  4. I love the combination of camel with the white... it really does suit you!
    Suzy x

  5. Love the shade of brown of your top, looks rich and luxurious. Goes beautifully with your white jeans.

  6. I love it. The whole outfit works well & the colour really suits you. I live in a hot climate but could still wear that look in the colder months.<3 Bernice

  7. So glad you took that top home ... of course you can wear that shade. Very posh, indeed, with the camel cashmere and gold (and don't you love a buy so grand that it would be shameful to pass up?) So good ... and a great lesson on white with everything. Neat!!!

  8. I'd call that colour 'tobacco'. It's lovely on you. :)


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