Bring Back The Cat

Four years ago, when I first started needing glasses for reading (yes, as it turns out your eyes really do fall out of your head when you turn 40), I decided that the oversized, nerd-chic, mannish heavy dark glasses that you see so much of (think Bobbi Brown) were for me. However, lately, I've changed my tune. I'm finding myself more and more drawn to cat-eye glasses.

I think that my inspiration for this is photographs of family members, mainly my grandmothers on either side of the family, wearing them in photos taken either before my time, or right around the time I was born. To me, cat-eye glasses look sort of unapologetically feminine, but strong; an ethos we can all get on board with.

However, it is tragically difficult to find cat-eye glasses that fit the bill for me. There are a lot of styles out there that are suggestive of a cat-eye, but very few designers seem to have the cojones to really go full-cat these days. As many choices as there are out there, I find it really difficult to find something that looks different from everything else on the shelf; to find something that has made the commitment to really own the design to the point of seeming intentional. Add to that I have a massively huge head with widely-spaced eyes, and these frames, which are manufactured pretty much exclusively for women, are often too small for me. That is one of my pet peeves in life really, that things made for women, from glasses to golf clubs, need to be smaller, lighter, and overall less substantial than those made for men. Oh, yes, and pink. Like those stupid razors that they overcharge us for in the drugstore.

This is one of those indispensable items that when I find a pair that works, I instantly shell out for them and wear them to the death. The death of the frames that is... not my own. Although I suppose you can't ever entirely rule-out that possibility either.


  1. You do look great in cat eye glasses. Not everybody does so you are fortunate to have a great shaped face. I especially like the ones with the rhinestones (diamonds?) My Aunt Mercedes had a pair of cat eyes in the 1960's. Pink, translucent, with rhinestones, so thick that her eyes looked enormous. So insane. I love old style glasses.

  2. Yep, seriously, what is it with making everything for small and dainty bodies? Although it does save my wallet (a bit). I have big hands, cannot wrestle a bangle over them....

    Having had glasses for ages, and a deep loathing of the eyewear trends of the last decade, I have three frames I've bought over the years that I particularly like, and just keep updating the lenses. There's a pair at home, a pair at work, and a backup pair in the bureau. Works a treat.

    The cats eyes suit you... very dapper :)

  3. Love these. I have a pair like your lower left, and wear them constantly. xo


  4. So happy to have found your blog. I have dyed my hair blonde for 30 years because I thought grey hair was for 'little old ladies'. You have totally changed my mind! I now feel that grey hair can be cool after seeing how stylish you are. I haven't dyed for 13 weeks and every day seems like an adventure noticing how the grey is coming in mixed with the dark brunette. I like it. Whenever I feel like giving in and coloring I come to your blog for motivation to continue.

    1. So great to hear from you, and I am glad to have inspired you to embrace your natural colour. I really believe that there need to be more women in the media, entertainment, or just in the public eye in general, who look like those of us who don't dye their hair. We still get called "brave" and "unconventional"…which to me is so stupid. Navy SEALS are brave. Riding a unicycle to work is unconventional. I just choose not to dye my hair.

  5. Kristin, I was going to add a comment about the glasses, but have just read your reply to the grey hair comment. It's funny how we never stop grey haired ladies in the street to congratulate them on their natural hair colour. It seems that opting out from the start deserves no comment, whereas deciding to stop colouring is seen as remarkable. We're an odd bunch aren't we?
    PS I love the sparkly glasses and think you look great in this shape, very flattering!
    Anna x


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