Fairy Tails

This is one of those cheap finds that on any other day, I probably would have walked right past. I found this asymmetric, long-tail top in the clothes portion of the local supermarket. I never even go into the clothes section of the supermarket, but for whatever reason, I was compelled to make my first (and to date, my only) visit on that day. I typically avoid these asymmetric tops that go over the hips. They are always designed to "give coverage" or "minimise" a common "problem area" of the body (something I have absolutely no interest in doing), but all they really end up doing is drawing attention to the very thing that the wearer is trying to downplay. However, this specimen seems to work, probably because from the front, it hits just at the waistband. Kind of like when you do a half-tuck with your shirt to give yourself more of a waistline.

I was drawn to this because I thought it would be a great layering piece, and I often struggle with what to wear under jackets. I'm finding that with age, t-shirts aren't always cutting it any more. While I initially lamented the rather insipid, beigey-pinkish-ivory color of the top, I have now made peace with it, and concede that actually it will probably work under a lot of different things. I found that it also looks really great with rose gold. So while I still think that as a color, it is a bit what the Scots would call peelie-wallie, I'm giving it a go.

This top was on the sale rack for £7, along with all other manner of spring and summer flotsam and jetsam. You know the stuff. The racks upon racks of pink, mint, and lavender floral prints, lacey tops, little camisoles in pale shades of salmon that simply should not exist…spring and summer always seem to make high street designers loose the plot a little bit and make all of these attempts at ethereal, polyester-based fairy princess clothes in ice cream colors. While I do not begrudge any woman wanting to feel like a princess, I draw the line at dressing like one. Unless I can be that princess who rides up on her horse in full armour, removes her helmet, and allows her steely locks to cascade down over the dragon family insignia on her breastplate. The kind of princess who likes to look pretty, but is going to seriously kick your ass if you step out of line.

Hence the shoes.

F&F (Tesco) top, similar / Seven for all Mankind jeans / Sam Edelman shoes (old) / thrifted Forever 21 jacket, similar / 14k rose gold bangle (old), similar / 14k rose gold and smoky quartz ring (old), similar / rose gold plated necklace (old), similar

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  1. the shoes are KILLER. Love the formal jacket mixed with jeans! -patti


  2. That really is a great little top, and I like how you've styled it. I'm with you on the ick factor of "princess" colors.

  3. The back detail on this top is amazing! Love how you styled it

    Happy Medley

  4. I think this look is extremely chic and oh my, those shoes! Wow!

  5. Wait a second. Your supermarket has a clothing section? What kind of wonderful place is Scotland!? This really is the most perfect layering piece. And to think that you probably picked up some fruit and pasta and toilet paper all at the same time. Awesome.

  6. I might have walked right past that top too, but it works! What a great look! I've just found your blog for the first time, but I'm quite sure I'll be back.

  7. The jacket is what really sells the top underneath, because it looks like a reinvented version of tails. I don't really think the color palette reads Princess - at least not on a natural badass like you :-)


  8. I never would have said your top is from Tesco it looks expensive. These dip hem tops are really growing on me. Love the studded heels. You look great.

  9. Love the imagery you conjure up of the kick-ass princess version of you which is pretty much what these shoes say too. The top could well be peelie-wallie but the dark denim counters that well. I've been sneaking supermarket finds into my wardrobe for a long time - it's surprising what you can find. This jumpsuit is a point in case http://www.annasislandstyle.com/2015/07/exhibition-night-3-of-6.html
    Am partial to a bit of rose gold too so this is a fav post of your already x

  10. Wow. We dont have anything like that in our supermarkets, except supertarget, but doesnt count Love the tals look with the skinny jeans, an awesome sillouete!
    Thanks for linking up with TH Tuesday!
    jess xx


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