Fall Colours

This is just something that I wore to a meeting at work today. It wasn't meant to be an outfit of the day post, because quite frankly, it's not all that interesting, but sometimes you actually need something that isn't very interesting. When I'm not in scrubs at work, we tend to be a pretty low-key environment, so sitting in a quick meeting about blood gas sampling machines wearing a full "look" is more effort (not to mention garners more attention) than the situation probably warrants.

It was when I walked outside that I realised that I matched the landscape really, really well. That's certainly something that doesn't happen when you wear black all the time. Unless you live in Mordor  - in which case you should grab a few belongings and flee immediately.

French Connection merino sweater (old), similar / Gerard Darel trousers (old), similar / Missoni scarf (old), similar / thrifted bangle, similar


  1. Actually that is an excellent outfit. It's in the day to day things that you can really see someone's true style. Some blogs are just filled with fancy schmancy outfits and I find it very hard to believe that these people dress like that every day. Your sweater in excellent. And the cords are just the right amount of broken in. Nice.

  2. And, awesomely, the stuffie also is seasonal in colour! (at least, it looks it from my screen). Having just thrown out several gutted dog toys, cudos on still having it intact.....

    1. Actually, the toy is completely done-in! He has chewed practically the entire face off, but you can't see it in the pic because he is gripping it by the face. I have to steal it away every once in a while and throw it in the wash. You should see the look I get.

  3. I really like your outfit! I agree with the above poster, where some bloggers I have to wonder if the princess gown is something they wear out to dinner or? I too, like to show what I wear normally Love the color combo here on you, the citrine with the cords and the scarf with the added blue. Pretty and looks like fall and cozy weather Funny, your pup does love his toy, cute!

    Thanks for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday!
    jess xx


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