The Drama Queen's Halloween

The Drama Queen is back, taking fashion and beauty mayhem with her everywhere she goes!

Episode 2 is a special Halloween tribute episode.  If want to see more of The Drama Queen, don't forget to like and share the videos with ten thousand of your closest friends.  You can find The Drama Queen on both my Vimeo and YouTube channels.

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  1. Kristin! That was sooooo suspenseful. I love it. Love the soundtrack. Love your acting. And your co-star is adorable. This is a guaranteed blockbuster. BTW. I use that purple shampoo on my hair, too. Not only is it terrifying but it really does sting! The ending was priceless. I'm still laughing. Bravo.

  2. Ha ha! You're great at making these short films : )


  3. You and Fergus deserve an Oscar! I loved it!

  4. Such a drama queen! And so funny. Thought there was something significant about flushing those eye pads down the loo.... it would definitely be significant if you had a septic system like ours!

  5. Genius! Really great movie! I love this kind of thing and you have a talent for it.


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