The Happy, Healthy Traveller

You'll remember last week when I, your Auntie Fashionista, had a heart-to-heart with you about your sexual health. This is the companion piece to that post; the second in a series of two, if you will. As you may remember, I have a colleague whose company, Dr. Felix, provides at-home sexual health testing services available to the general public, delivered quickly and discreetly to your doorstep. But that is not the only service that the company offers.

Dr. Felix also offers solutions to a few common travel-related health conundrums such as motion sickness and traveller's diarrhoea (that's the British spelling of diarrhea, my American brothers and sisters. Looks weird, doesn't it?). They even provide anti-malaria tablets for those who may be planning a trip to certain parts of the world where malaria is endemic. For women planning an important trip like their honeymoon or even a lengthy athletic event like an endurance race, they provide the period-delay tablet norethisterone; ensuring that you can get on with your activity free of the burden of your monthly visitor. While you may still need to visit your GP to receive any booster vaccines you may need before travelling, the Dr. Felix online pharmacy and consultation service can help you plan for your upcoming travels in a time frame that is convenient for you. Simply visit the Dr. Felix website (UK and EU residents only I'm afraid) and fill-out one of their short consultation forms, which will be forwarded to a GMC-registered British doctor to review your case. That's it. Pretty simple, right? No cancelled appointments, and no sitting in the waiting room for 45 minutes listening to you guy sitting 3 feet from you coughing up a lung - it allows you to concentrate on your holiday, and the things that really matter.


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