Trend Testing With Sammy Dress

With fall now upon us, I've found myself thinking about more Southwestern-inspired pieces like little fringed booties, Native American jewellery, ponchos, and shearling. This is probably inspired by the colder weather, my recent guest post that my friend Susan did on her Native American turquoise that I cannot for the life of me get out of my head, and goodness knows what else. Karma. Let's just call it karma…although it's probably more like impressionable susceptibility, but never mind.

Because of my impressionable susceptibility karma, I had been wanting to try one of these faux shearling draped vests, but hadn't found exactly the right one, didn't want to spend too much…you know. All of the things that keep you from trying something that you may have seen and liked. Lucky for me, the good people at Sammy Dress agreed to send me this faux shearling sleeveless Turn-Down Collar Waistcoat.

I wasn't sure whether or not a piece like this would work on me, and as it turns out, Sammy Dress is a perfect way to find an answer to that question. They have one of the largest online catalogs of trend-inspired items anywhere on the net, and they make their products available to the customer at wholesale prices, making it the perfect place to get your feet wet with a trend that you want to try, without the heartbreak of investing a lot of money if you decide it's not for you.

I found this piece surprisingly cosy, and while I usually get driven mad by things with no front closure that constantly flap in the breeze, I felt that it actually draped pretty well against the body. The only caveat? It is a One Size item, and would definitely not work on someone much larger than I am. I am about a US 8-10 (UK 12), 5'10" so "one size" while close, is probably not the most accurate characterisation of the size of this garment. However, they have other similar varieties of this piece in their online catalog that come in different sizes, so all is not lost if you are a transitional or plus size and want to give this one a try.

I paired my waistcoat with some substantial jewellery that kind of gives off that Southwestern vibe, and boot cut jeans and flat chukka boots. I wanted to do something different from my usual uniform of skinny jeans, exposed ankles and booties, and I think I managed to achieve that. I'm actually quite fond of this silhouette, so you will probably be seeing it again in various permutations. Watch this space.

Waistcoat (as above) / Zara jeans / Clarks booties (old), similar / turquoise ring (old), similar / Nicky Butler for HSN gemstone ring (old), similar / turquoise bead necklace (old), similar / ruby zoisite necklace (old), similar


  1. Love this vest, and I prefer faux for most things that come from a beastie who would otherwise be wearing them. Beautiful turquoise jewelry! xox

  2. I'm with Patti. Faux is me. This is autumnal perfection. You look gorgeous. It's funny. I've been feeling the turquoise and Mexican jewelry vibe lately, too.

  3. This is a great look Kristen, very cool. I love the jeans and boots combo, and yes it's good to see you in something different which you still wear so well. Also love all that turquoise jewellery. Fab post! xxx

  4. The turquoise and brown complement each other nicely! The waistcoat is really cute - soft, warm, and comfortable with a "power" look to it! You are rocking this!


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