Aztec, Fringe, & Cashmere

Talk about a rude awakening. Sure, it looks like a nice crisp day in the photos, but let me tell you, the moment Himself and I stepped off the plane upon returning from our Florida vacation, the weather has decided to take out some sort of vendetta against all of humanity. The wind is even making that howling sound like it does in the movies when they want you to get that it's really, really not nice outside. Luckily the sleet stopped long enough for me to get a few snaps in. I literally ran out to our woodshed to get these photos, and came back with a load of logs for our stove, so it was a productive outing on all fronts. When it's this terrible outside, I'm a firm believer in clustering your outdoor activities to maximum efficiency.

Naturally, when you transition from a climate where you hardly need to wear clothes to wanting to wear all the clothes, your instinct is to just pile it on. That is exactly what is happening here. Bring me more sweaters! I layered my Aztec print shawl from last season over the top of one of my cashmere turtlenecks, and the result is very cozy indeed.

I should also point out the new fringed booties. I have been sort of lusting after a pair for a while, but hadn't found the right ones. Really, there are so many cute ones out there, it wasn't a matter of the right ones, so much as it was which ones. I found these in a high street shop that normally I never even go into, and despite the fact that they are suede (which is a real pain here because it's so wet), on two different trips to the city I kept coming back to the shop look at them, so I kind of knew that I had to just pull the trigger. And yes, I did spray them with that weatherproof stuff that smells like it will probably give you cancer. Don't worry, I did it outside. That however, was a separate trip.

Levis high waist skinny jeans / Schuh booties (sold out online), similar / New Look cardigan (last season), similar / Neiman Marcus cashmere turtleneck / turquoise ring (old), similar / feather bracelet (old), similar / sterling silver chandelier earrings (old),similar


  1. Love the shawl, especially accented with those silver earrings!

  2. LOVE those boots and earrings SO much. Just goes to show how much your accessories make an outfit!

  3. You look so cute. You've got a nice little Native American vibe going on.

  4. A great look and with a nod to the Americas befitting your return! Whilst we have the horror movie howling wind I'm afraid it hasn't even been cold enough for a coat down here in Devon, not quite Florida of course....


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