It's All A Big Cover-Up

This week, the non-outfit outfit posts continue. When you're on vacation in a warm place, it's easy to go days without putting on any "real" clothes. Such is the case with me for the last few days. Between the trips to the beach and the pool, I think I've only worn "real" clothes twice so far. And I didn't take any photos of them, such is the level of my relaxation.

Consider this photo above; I'm basically wearing a sheet. Okay, it's a sarong, but still. It's hardly something I would venture far from the pool wearing, but this is it. this is basically what I'm wearing all day, every day.

The other beach dress is a thrifted sheath (last seen here) that I realized after seeing in photos is too big for me, so I relegated it to the beach cover-up pile, where it has happily taken-up residence.  And of course the ubiquitous metallic sandals and spongy flip flops. Hey, I told you it wasn't going be art this week. Keepin' it real people…keepin' it real.


  1. Love the sarong, sheath, fabulous style! A sarong always feels so elegant and chic and love the way you've tied it.

  2. I don't think that shift is too big. It looks perfect to me. And such a lovely sarong. Nothing sawrong with that. Sorry. Couldn't resist. Even your toes are pearly. Ahhh the beachy life.

  3. How were you able to tie the sarong around your neck? I have a similar one, and am tall like you, but I don't have enough material once I cross the ends to tie around my neck. Thanks!

    1. Hi Nancy. This sarong has a lot of fringe, so I am able to tie the very ends of the fringe together to give myself more room. I also find that twisting the tying ends gives me some extra length.

  4. I like this relaxing look and perfect for vacation. Your green sarong looks nice. :)


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