This look sort of defies my own set of unspoken rules about wearing tailored pieces; I usually like to pair something tailored with something loose, flowing, or distressed. I feel like it breaks-up the severity of the look and injects a little fun into it.

However, today I just felt like something a little different. I had been thinking about this Tibi blouse that I've had for a while, and wondered if it would work under a jacket. It's a very structured-looking top (even though its really lightweight silk),  so pairing it with a jacket seemed somehow a bit risky…a bit….I don't know masculine. Man-ish. Whatever. Not that the whole borrowed from the boys thing is bad, it's just not my comfort zone.

As it turns out, I like the overall effect. It's no fuss, will go just about anywhere, and with the flat Chelsea boots, it's a really easy look to get around in. If I'm honest, I probably still prefer my usual mix of shapes and textures, but for a more low key day or even a work-related affair, it's nice to know this look is there if I need it.

Tibi blouse (old), similar / Giorgio Armani jacket (old), similar / chelsea boots / Mango jeans / Vestal watch (old), similar


  1. Love the jacket - it's a little moody and fabulous. xo


  2. I like the look. I have kept all my old Amani jackets. They never seem to go out of style.

  3. Hi Kristin, this is a favourite look of mine and one that suits you very much I think. There's something so very sexy about the curves of a woman dressed in manly clothes. The masculine nature of the look just accentuates your femininity. I love it. The boots are fab - I have a brown pair of these just waiting to be shown on my blog, love 'em!

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  5. The blue collar with jeans, love it! Add the black from the jacket and the birds and I'm all in - gorgeous outfit!


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