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Isn't it just the way of things...the week that Cherie from the wonderful blog Style Nudge has asked me to co-host the Shoe & Tell Linkup is the very same week that I am on vacation with only two pairs of sandals, a handful of tops, and one forgotten USB camera cable to my name? Isn't that just now life likes to work? 

Today's look is sort my version of a blast from the past. I thought that this high-waisted pair of houndstooth shorts (last seen here) and sleeveless white shirt had kind of a 50's-60's poolside feel to it that I like. I've been obsessed with Slim Aarons books of photographs for a long time, and this look kind of reminded me of the casual recreational attire of that era. 

When it's too hot to concern yourself with a lot of clothes, trying to comfortably achieve a "look" with separates can be challenging, so I thought these shorts sort of told a story without having to put on more clothes. It's been hot this past week, and more clothes are just not the answer. I went with slicked-back hair and nothing but a swath of bright coral lipstick to finish it off. Hey, if you can't wear bright neon coral lipstick in Florida, when can you? 

And yes, if you've been following, you have seen me in the same pair of sandals for over a week now. Metallic sandals. I simply cannot say enough about them. They. Go Everywhere. If you want a real wardrobe stretcher, you simply must. 

But enough about me and my metallic sandals. I'm thrilled to be co-hosting the Style Nudge Shoe & Tell Linkup this week, so don't be shy - submit your outfit posts below and join the party!

Join the Shoe and Tell Link Up on Style Nudge every Monday to share your favorite shoes, old or new, shoes you own, or shoes you wish you owned. Feature just your shoes or share with us your entire fabulous outfit, shoes and all! Anyone can link up, not just bloggers.

Every Monday I feature a pair of my shoes and tell a little bit about them. Shoes make the outfit and who doesn't love shoes. Shoes have a story to tell, like where you were when you bought them, what event you were at when you first wore them, who you were with when you wore them, etc.

To join the link up follow these steps...
1. Please follow your Host on Facebook, Instagram, Bloglovin and/or Pinterest Thank you!
2. Feature your entire outfit or just your shoes.
3. Visit other link up blogs. It's a great way to get to know other style bloggers, as well as their shoes!
4. Every week I will be selecting my favorite shoe/outfit post(s). I alternate between featuring one blogger to Co-Host and featuring a few of my favorite posts.
 5. Please link back to Style Nudge by posting a link in your post or grab my Shoe and Tell widget below and paste to your link up post. Hashtag: #shoeandtell
Link-up will be live every Monday morning. Click to join below


  1. These shorts are incredible! Wow!

  2. What a great post Kristin. I love the fact that you were a great sport and did the co-host link up with me despite the fact that you are on vacation. I love, love your shorts - they are adorable. Although I am envious of your weather. As I sit here and type this it is 25 degrees out! Enjoy the rest of your vacation and thank you for co-hosting. Oh, and those sandals are fab!


  3. Kristen these shorts really live up to the school of thought of less is more. The fit is perfect and you remind me of a Hollywood starlet from the 50's - fabulous! And what's not to love with these sandals, but I think I said that last time.
    Anna's Island Style

  4. Slim Aarons poolside. Absolutely. Sleek and tan and chic. You nailed it. Such a perfectly American outfit. No link up for me. Shoes are not on my playlist just yet.


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