The Art of Travel Simplicity

Because you, my readers, are by nature astute and of above-average intelligence, you will have undoubtedly noticed that this is not the Scottish Highlands. Himself and I are in America for a wee spell, soaking-up the relaxed vibe of Southwest Florida. The atmosphere here is such that outside of a really nice restaurant or fancy-schmancy gala, there is simply no call for a lot of fanciness. As a result, my outfit posts over the next wee while will likely be a study in minimalist simplicity. They may in fact be a bit….dare I say boring?

I give you exhibit A: the stripy tee. This one is from Ralph Lauren, but I have about a bazillion of these in my cache. They are such an easy and clean look in a pinch, and if I had to choose my "desert island" outfit to last for the rest of my days, I would choose a striped tee (probably a classic Breton stripe) with good-fitting denim piece on the bottom. To this look, you can add boots, loafers, sandals (as I have done), throw a gorgeous coat over it…anything works. It works in all seasons, although is particularly good in the warmer months. Because of the climate here, I have chosen a distressed denim skirt and a very minimal pair of metallic sandals. 

Metallic sandals are The Business you guys, I'm serious. I packed only two pairs of shoes for this trip (okay three if you count workout shoes), and the reason I can get away with that is because of metallic sandals. They go with everything, are cute, and can even look a bit fancy if you get your other sartorial game right. What I'm basically saying is, you're going to be seeing a lot of these sandals this week, so get to know one another. It doesn't need to be awkward. 


  1. There is nothing boring about your outfit. It is a fact that striped tees are one of the best things ever. Always. Metallic sandals ARE the business. You look cute.

  2. Connie took the words right out of my mouth. This is simple, understated, but the sandals mean it could never be boring. Fancy sandals take an outfit up a few notches without much effort, ta-da!
    Have fun x

  3. Such a cute post - love what you say about the metalic sandals - need to get some but must admit to getting away with heaps wearing white chunky sandals last summer. THe denim skirt remains a favourite look of mine since years...and believe it or not I bought a striped t-shirt similar to yours from Brandy Melville this summer (eek what a confession) - looking forward to seeing more of your posta and you might like mine too. xx
    Yvonne from

  4. Now that's my kind of summer dressing... striped tee, denim skirt and flat sandals. So easy. Add a pair of cropped jeans and you'd pretty much have my summer picks. Looks great. Wonder what the weather's like back home in Scotland???

  5. The weather in Scotland right now? Wait what's today…..monday Nov 17…hmmm….I'm guessing dark, windy, cold, wet. In fact, go ahead and apply that answer to this question any time someone asks it in any season, at any time. This answer has a 99.9% accuracy rate.

  6. Enjoy our stay in the Sunshine State, Kristin, and give no worries to wearing sandals every day. It's what we do : >


  7. Californians endorse your approach;).


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