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Well hello again readers. Remember me? I had a wee inadvertent break from the blog last week.  My suitcase from my latest trip to the States took the scenic route home, and it contained most of the things I had intended to shoot and show you for the past week - all of my thrift treasures and whatnot. When your bag decides to make its own way home, the airlines call it "delayed baggage" as it's technically not "lost", and therefore they apparently feel less of an obligation to get it to you in a timely fashion. To be honest, I didn't think it was possible that the airlines could actually feel any less of an obligation to the customer than they already do, but there it is. A new standard has been set.

It has also been even more challenging than usual to get outside to shoot photos this winter. While we don't get snow here in any statistically significant quantity, the gale force winds and driving rain will keep you locked inside for days on end. Today is the first time I have seen daylight in about a week, having just come off a string of night shifts, and I was only barely able to run outside and shoot these pictures in-between blasts of rain and hail - the whole time keeping my fingers crossed that the camera would not blow over on the tripod. It wouldn't be the first time that has happened, but it is an expensive gamble to take. This time, I won.

Pictured here are a few of my thrift and consignment finds. I found the oxblood patent Anne Klein kitten heels at the local thrift store in my hometown for $6, making their acquisition pretty much a no-brainer. However, one of my favourite finds was this Missoni wrap sweater in a lightweight Merino wool. It's strange that I am so in love with it because it has bell sleeves, and I generally hate bell, lantern, or any other manner of sleeve that I cannot push up and out of my way. I am not a sleeve person, but for whatever reason, this cardigan really spoke to me. It's likely that my love for all things Missoni overruled my abhorrence of floaty sleeves, but I think that this cardigan is different (in a good way), and I think it will work in all seasons. Plus, the colors provide a bit of light and color during this dreary time of year. Can't argue with that.

Missoni wrap sweater, similar, similar / Gerard Darel trousers (old), similar / Anne Klein shoes, similar / Barca turquoise ring and necklace (old), similar, similar


  1. The Missoni with the turquoise is to die for!!!!!!! and thats saying something since I too, hate bell sleeves!

  2. So groovy! Gorgeous sweater. xox



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