Half Measures

I never used to think I liked pieces like this little vest, which is a new addition to my closet. I used to think that they were fussy and difficult to work into your wardrobe without making it the centrepiece of the look. While that is still sometimes the case with certain pieces, I'm warming to pieces like this vest…it is literally like wearing half a coat. This piece is a Calvin Klein wool vest that is indeed a coat that has been drawn and quartered. Now that I live in a climate that is as variable as a fistfull of snowflakes, I actually have come to understand the use for such pieces as this.

Today was sort of a more moderately cold day, and a piece like this is absolutely perfect for running errands and whatnot. I especially like this vest for shopping trips; you can slip it on over a sweater, and it is just enough to keep out the chill while you are darting in and out of stores without having to sweat it out in a heavy coat. Add a cross-body bag, and between that and the sleeveless aspect of the vest,  it's like hands-free shopping nirvana!

Calvin Klein vest via TK Maxx, similar / Ann Taylor blouse (old), similar / Rag and Bone jeans / thrifted bangle, similar / Betsey Johnson clutch (old), similar / Donald J. Pliner booties (old), similar


  1. You look so good in chartreuse. It's one of my favorite colors, but unfortunately it doesn't go well with my skin tone. Guess I'll just enjoy it vicariously through you!

    1. Angela, I would say don't let that stop you. I used to avoid camel like the plague, a color I LOVE as it is so classic, but then realised that I can use an accent color with it to make me look less cadaver-like. I put a colourful necklace on right around my face if it is a pullover garment or a button-down, or try using jackets and blazers to cut-up the "amount" of the color that isn't your best friend. I only just learned this late in life when I started blogging. FREEDOM

  2. Cute! But your toes look cold. :-)

  3. Love those shoes, the vestis perfect for those in between days and looks great with the feminine chartreuse top.
    Www.elegantlydressedandstylish. com

  4. That is the perfect little vest, Kristin! Great boots too. xox



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