Meet Fashion Santa


He doesn't really give a hoot if you're naughty or nice, but don't even think about preparing his milk and cookies in a threadbare Juicy Couture sweatsuit and leaving them out for him on some clapped-out old serving plate from Walmart...this is Fashion Santa we're talking about. 

Greetings everyone. I know I've been absent this past week. I have been across the Atlantic again to visit family, and just haven't found enough time in the day to keep things up, but what I have been doing is thrifting, and boy do I have some goodies to show you...but all in good time. 

I am probably sitting miserably on a plane back to the UK right now, but while you wait, please entertain yourselves with this story that Harper's Bazaar ran about Toronto model Paul Mason, aka "Fashion Santa".  You'll never look at the red velvet suit and patent belt combo in the same way again. 



  1. He's a favourite! I went to school with him.

    1. Please tell me he is a handsome in personality as in the picture. He is dreamy!!!

  2. As a fully grown woman, with no children, all I can say is: Come over to my house Santa and we'll have cookies! xo



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