Short, Tight, High

Today I thought I would challenge my self to try something that I wouldn't normally do. While this look seems normal enough, I probably would never have worn these pieces together all at once. To me, they feel a bit unbalanced.

I kind of have this thing where unless I am going on a fancy night out, I don't like to wear things that are tight, short, or with high heels all at the same time. I just feel that when you pile it all on, especially in the middle of the day, you look a bit too Real Housewife for my liking. I mean seriously, have you seen that show lately!? Skin tight pink satin bandage dresses in the middle of the day? Boobs and bustiers for a lunch? Ugh. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. It just tries so hard, you can literally smell the desperation and fear of the ageing process in the same way my cat just seems to instinctively know I've opened the cabinet where we keep the tuna - even though he is sleeping in the opposite corner of the house.

This Missoni sweater is quite form fitting, but very light and comfortable. I usually pair it with fuller trousers or shorts, but today I went with this faux leather panel mini. I really wanted to put a pair of flat loafers on with this look, but forced myself into a pair pf heeled booties instead. You know, for science.  While the overall look is fine, it is probably not something I would pair together again. I think the sweater hits in the wrong place paired with this skirt, and makes my already athletic waist look boxy. One think I do like about this look is that it is covered. When I do decide to wear something tighter, shorter, higher, I like to balance things out by making sure I'm covered-up. Not because I'm a prude, but because otherwise, it's just so obvious.

I also did something with my jewellery I never do, albeit on a small scale. I wore a matching earrings and pendant set. Normally, I detest match-matchy sets, and prefer to mix mine up, but I sort of liked the simplicity of this one - probably because it is on the small side. Really, I suppose its a metaphor for this whole look. Uncharacteristic pairings that while on the small side, are definitely out of my comfort zone.

Missoni cardigan (old), similar / River Island skirt (old), similar / Dune booties (old), similar / Tahitian pearl earrings and pendant (old), similar

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  1. I really like this combo. I think maybe because the heeled boots are a bit chunky you completely avoid that Desperate Housewives vibe. Haha! That show cracks me up. I think I've seen each city once - why does it seem they all live in the same place?
    And I like the matchy jewellery and your expression in the photo. It's fun and irritating to play outside the comfort zone but I like that you showed us.

  2. I totally agree with you about that trying too hard thing, but that's not what this get up says. No flashes of flesh or vamped up sandals. But the most important thing is not how it looks, but how you feel. I've posted outfits on my blog which later I'd happily take down as I think you can just see how much I'm not feeling myself. Having said that it's always good to step out of your comfort zone from time to time, cos you might just stumble across something that takes you by surprise. You've got amazing pins so this skirt looks fab and not out of place with your shoes - flats would have worked too, but this is great as it is. And hey matchy-matchy jewellery is the perfect ploy with this look x
    Anna's Island Style

  3. I see no Desperate Housewives here! It's a great look, made personal with your booties and tights. Very cool. xox


  4. I really like the matching earring & necklace set. They're small & subtle so it's not extremely matchy-matchy. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  5. Cute skirt :)
    Maria V.

  6. Not even close to a real housewives vibe! However I think you would loose that internal "feel" with an edgy pair of flats

  7. A great aesthetic reflection, I like your position not to mix too many things and not show too obvious. I think it's a demonstration of balance, intelligence and style, which leads to the most natural and simple elegance. The skirt is beautiful and looks great on you. The boots are so cute, and are equilibrads in the outfit.

  8. It's fascinating how we each develop a personal sense of style, right from the womb. I always eschewed lace and ruffles, when I finally had a chance to say "No!" to the full skirts and petticoats typically worn by little girls in the early 1960s. And yet, when I look at the photos of my sister and me in our Easter outfits, we were adorable! I can try on ensembles that look perfectly normal for the times and for my stage in life, and despise myself in them. Is it the color? the silhouette? the fussiness of details? I don't know. I do know that I'd have been more comfortable in the simple blouses and skirts of 1780s pioneers than in the overblown fashions of the 1880s. The 1980s were bad, too ... remember Shoulder Pad Build-up? When the shoulder pads of your bra, and your slip, and your blouse, and your jacket, and your overcoat all sent your shoulders up past your ears.

    Maybe it's just years that end in 80.


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