The Last-Minute Sweater

I found this sweater at one of my favourite consignment shops in St. Paul, MN literally about an hour before I was due at the airport to get back on the plane to the UK. I had been so successful in my secondhand shopping on this trip that I had to stuff this sweater into my carry-on, because it wouldn't fit in my overstuffed suitcase.

I'm finding that the older I get, the more I am drawn to secondhand shopping. For starters, you can find clothing of a quality that you just can't find anywhere else these days, and I am including a lot of high-end designer gear in that indictment. Particularly when it comes to knitwear, you just cannot find fabrics with the same hand and wool (or silk or cotton) content as you could even 10 years ago. Secondhand shopping allows you to enjoy the hunt (so yes, you have to be a person who enjoys the hunt), while teasing-out all of the quality items that may be hiding in the racks upon racks of polyester, acetate, and viscose.

Secondly, it saves you a great deal of money if you like to change your wardrobe up a bit. Thirdly, It's a lot greener than shopping on the high street where everything is manufactured overseas and meant for a very short fashion attention span, and lastly, you are pretty much guaranteed to have found something that nobody else will have. That's probably my favourite thing about it. You get to use your creativity to come up with something that is completely unique.

I liked this sweater because it is really more like a jacket. It has structure and is made of pure wool, so it's a great layering piece for fall and winter….or if you live here in Scotland, pretty much all year.

Sweater from consignment store, somewhat similar / Rag and Bone jeans / Tamaris boots (old), similar / turquoise necklace (old), similar / Turquoise ring (old), similar

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  1. The jacket is cute, and the look is very nice.

  2. Great sweater, and I die for those settings - that could be your castle, right? xox


    1. LOL, sadly, its nobody's castle any more. Back in the day, it was a grand old house, but the council took it over and made it into a school, and slowly over time, the grounds have been turned into an outdoor center. Apparently there are plans afoot to turn the house into apartments (although they still have a concrete prison-looking outdoor center right on their doorstep). ITs a real shame to see this great old house fall to ruin, so hopefully when the apartment people come, they will actually restore some of the structure, seeing as though the council itself doesn't seem interested in preserving it.

  3. Love the jacket and can't believe you were in my neighborhood. Elite Repeat is a favorite haunt of mine. Wish I had been there when you were to say hello!

  4. Oh that sweater is a very good find. Congrats. It looks great with the turquoise. It's really true. Most vintage things are so beautifully made. Heck! They lasted long enough to become vintage. I guess people won't be able to recycle things from the 2000's cuz they will have all fallen apart. Yikes.

  5. This fab little jacket was a real find. I love the thrill of the hunt, and have also done that last minute stashing as I was trying to board the flight to come home with all my loot. I really like this dressed down jeans and OTK boots pairing. Loved your end of year review - very diverse collection of outfits x
    Anna's Island Style


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