Best Hot Dog Ever

My first dog was called Paddy (may he rest in peace). Paddy, like my current dog Fergus, was a Bearded Collie; as smart as they come, and a very savvy wee man. One morning on our walk, he found a cooked hot dog lying in the grass just near the sidewalk. It was just sort of lying there, as if it had made a last ditch jump for freedom as its captor lifted the bun to his or her lips. Needless to say, Paddy quickly gobbled the hot dog up before I could even think to intervene. Every single day after that, Paddy would return to the exact same spot during our walks, just to see if there would perhaps be another hot dog…hey, you never know, right? 

Why am I telling you this? Because this top…this is my hot dog. 

You are looking at the pièce de résistance of my secondhand shopping adventures from my last trip to the States. This is one of my favourite things I have ever found in all my many years of haunting secondhand shops and websites. Things like this are the reason I keep going back. I found it in a shop I do not normally frequent, but you can rest assured, now that I have found a hot dog, I will be going back, and often. 

This is a Prada (yes, that Prada) fitted-wool, cap sleeve top. It is fully lined, the wool has a bit of stretch, and it is exquisitely made. There are seams coming out of places I never even knew you could put a seam, yet the top fits perfectly and the overall look is cohesive.  I really like that this top gives a bit of shape to the body by adding just a hint of curve. This top is a testament to the kind of figure-flattery that good design can impart when applied to the human form, which in my case, is shaped a lot like a hot dog….okay…maybe more like a bratwurst...or a kielbasa.  


  1. The pearls are gorgeous. I love the colour.

  2. This is a hot dog : )


  3. Oh yes. That IS a find! And it fits you perfectly. I love the way it gives a nod of classic chic to your jeans. Hot Dog indeed!!

  4. Just a stunning top! And a great doggie story. You look fab, xo


  5. One can tell it is a well made garment by the way it looks on you. That top could be worn with anything and look equally gorgeous. Would you consider adding some information about your community and Scotland to your blog? I would love to learn about it.

  6. That is a stunning hot dog, I have a similar spot I return to in hope, a few years ago I picked up a Max Mara silk shirt in a Devon Air Ambulance shop. Of course though I've scored well a few more times since in that shop, never again at the same level!!

  7. Love the way you've done your hair. Can we have some posts with cool hairstyles?


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