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You guys. I know it sounds like I'm always banging-on about this, but the weather here is so bad. I've been back from our trip to the Bahamas for over a week now, and have only managed to attempt getting outside and shooting pictures once. While we don't get snow in epic proportions like they do/did on the east coast of America last week, we do get gale force winds and sleet that seems to last for weeks. You really can't even go outside without having to really brace against the weather, because tiny ice pellets will go shooting into your eyes.

Yesterday we had a moment where it seemed to clear, but do not be fooled. The icy winds did not relent. I did manage to sneak over to my neighbour's back garden shed to take some pictures without losing my camera to the winds. Well, not really neighbor has the good sense to leave the country for Malaysia during this time of year. This weather is why I am a person who does not expend a lot of extra energy on her hair. Resistance is futile.

I got dressed in this outfit on Thursday thinking I was going to have to drive an hour up the road to attend a rather unpleasant work function. Like with all of my work functions here, it's kind of a balance between looking professional and being overdressed; it's a pretty casual environment here. I opted for denim and undone classic American prep staples in really nice fabrics. Even though this kind of dressing is not particularly exciting, when you put a look like this together using good fabrics and things that fit well, you feel good in it, even if you don't tuck-in your shirt or comb your hair.

My cell phone went just as I was leaving the house in this outfit - it was work, telling me the function had been cancelled, and not to drive to the venue because people were putting their cars off the road. I have never been happier to go take off an outfit and put a t shirt and sweats back on in my life, but I figured that I might as well try to take a picture of it before it went back in the closet. After all, in the context of modern life, if nobody sees it, it never happened.


  1. Love that ruffled shirt, what a nice detail!

  2. Do love your hair colour. Could I be impertinent and ask : which shampoo do you use?

    1. Golly, nothing impertinent about that…I do have my mug plastered all over the internet after all. To answer your question, I don't really have one specific shampoo. I try to buy things that are moisturising, and I only wash my hair as often as I feel I need to…a few times per week if I can get away with it. Workouts usually dictate that. Right now, I have Garner smoothing shampoo with some kind of moroccan oil or something. I use a blue shampoo about once a month, when I remember, but not too often as I feel like it kind of dulls things a bit with buildup, and its very drying. I just bought a tresemme shampoo yesterday that is supposedly smoothing. We shall see. Basically, I don't buy anything too pricey,and try to stick to things that are moisturising.

  3. I can totally relate to this post! Happy you documented it with photos, as your are exactly right - it would have never happened! Love the whole look!

    Have a great weekend, Suzanne

  4. Most of my shots are outdoors therefore I'm constantly sporting the wind-swept look. I think if you can get about 80% of the look in the groomed zone then it's good enough. I think you look pretty cool regardless of wild hair, you always do x
    Anna's Island Style

  5. Oh Yes. American Prep at its finest. Ralph Lauren would be proud. I love your hair. It is beautiful all wind blown. I never ever trust anyone with perfect hair.

  6. Fabulous preppy, chic look, Kristin! Ice pellets in your eyes means - why did humans ever settle in northern Scotland?? : > See you later at Visible Monday, xox


  7. Love that ruffled shirt. And cropped jeans with loafers too. Bet you did a little dance when you received that phone call. Like a kid when school is cancelled?


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