Shearling For A Steal

I found this suede shearling coat on my last trip to the States; I found it lurking in the local Goodwill in my hometown, quietly just sort of sitting there in perfect condition. It was twenty dollars, which by Goodwill standards, makes it one of the more expensive items in the shop. It's completely lined in (faux) fur, and is so cozy and warm to wear that I abandoned the jacket I had brought with me to the states for this one the minute I got it home. It's in perfect condition, so whomever owned it before me was obviously not wearing it much.

I'm over the moon that I found this nice jacket for a song, because I would never buy something like this for myself while I am living here in Scotland. The weather is just too wet to want to spend a lot on leather stuff, but for $20, I think I'm willing to take a chance that it may get a few spots. But I suppose with a jacket like this, a few spots and defects will only give it more character. After all, clothes are meant to be worn. If it gets a bit weathered-looking? Meh. I'm not going to get all precious about it.

Thrifted suede jacket, similar / Levis high-rise skinny jeans / Schuh booties (out of stock), similar / Target sunglasses / ruby zoisite necklace (old), somewhat similar


  1. I love that you're giving us a little Western vibe. Great find!

  2. Love it - it has character. And what a great buy! I bought a (barely used) leather jacket at Goodwill for $25 a couple of years ago. Still a favorite. xox


  3. I love your outfit. Most of all, I like the jacket. It's very nice.

    Best wishes

  4. So good to get a great bargain like that. And cost per wear is gonna work out great!
    Anna's island style


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