So Crazy It Just Might Work

If you were dress shopping and happened upon a written description of this dress, most people would have a natural and involuntary reaction that would culminate in running away screaming. Just think of what this would look like on paper; bright coral orange, made form a sturdy double-knit poly-blend fabric, sporting voluminous, 2-inch ruffles around each armhole…a person would be right to worry about what that might look like on an adult human with a serious job and plans to go out in public. Any sane person would likely avoid something like that is if it were the plague.

Luckily for me, sanity is something that I am fully prepared to check at the door when making my sartorial selections.  The very moment I saw this bright orange Trina Turk dress on Ebay for $20, I simply had one thought, and that thought was "yes". Actually, it was more like "hell yes", but there's really no need to quibble over the semantics of it here.

I guess that's one of the wonderful things about getting older. When you know yourself well enough to look at a bright orange polyester-blend dress with ruffled armholes that would make an Elizabethan collar look tame - and then wholly embrace it, you have probably come close to arriving at that place where there are absolutely no f**cks left to give. And that is a wonderful feeling indeed.

Granted, this is really more of a resort look than is seasonal right now (as evidenced by my goosebumps in the shoe picture), but in trying it on, I also noticed that it goes remarkably well with this pair of gold vine motif Italian leather sandals (last seen here) that I found at a local highland charity shop. Clearly, this was meant to be, even if I have to wait for a few months to wear it. 

Trina Turk dress via eBay, similar / thrifted shoes, somewhat similar


  1. Hell yes--you rock this dress! Lovely.

  2. Hell yes! I approve . . . :) It fits you like a glove and you are rocking it! Stunning . . .

  3. LOVE that color and the cut of the skirt, too!

  4. Gorgeous dress and color - and you look like a star. Happy new year, xox


  5. Ha! Excellent both on the colour which really suits you and the self knowledge! I have similar outbreaks of fuschia......

  6. CatherinefromFranceJanuary 7, 2016 at 10:14 AM

    Yes!! it's absolutly beautifull with your grey hair!!like a rock star!!!

  7. I love this on you!!! The orange is a great color and i really adore the ruffles! You do get some great finds in your thrift shopping! Love the gold with the dress

    Thanks for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday
    jess xx


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