Outside in My School Clothes

I hadn't a clue what I was doing when I put this look together - I was just sort of "tryin' stuff".  However, the minute I put the ensemble on, I fell in love with it. Probably because the combination of layered sweater vest and 70s-inspired skirt kind of reminds me of something I would have worn to school back in my elementary school days. Here I am, pictured on the playground at recess, trying to win a bet with my school friends that I can stand on one leg longer than anyone else. You're not allowed to touch, and we decided who would go first with one of those origami paper fortune tellers. The losers have to hand over the desserts from their lunchboxes. That's the bet, and I am so going to win.

I've talked about this before, but it sort of came up again while I was putting this look together; high waisted skirts like this one make you have to sort of rethink your shirt game. I am still so accustomed to wearing everything so low on my waist that a lot of my shirts suddenly look awkward and disproportionate when paired with a high-waisted skirt. This sweater vest was the perfect answer to that. It's a cashmere mock turtle neck, and its shorter, by which I mean it sits right at the natural waist, so it's a perfect pairing. I also realised I have been missing a trick by not using this vest for layering. Here in Scotland, you can wear it like this year-round.

Thrifted cashmere sleeveless mock turtleneck, similar / Missoni long-sleeve top (old), similar / thrifted denim skirt, similar / Nine West boots (old), similar / sterling feather bracelet (old), similar / sterling dangle circle earrings (old), similar

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  1. So funny. My husband and I were just reminiscing about after-school-clothes. Here in California the kids wear play clothes all the time. They don't have to change after school like we did. Which is better? I don't know. Meanwhile you are looking the queen of the playground. Such a cute look. OK. You win my Oreos.

  2. The origami fortune tellers! They were true, right? I love this 70's inspired look. Come over later and show it at Vis Monday if you can, xox


  3. I really like this look! I have added a 70s-inspired skirt (suede or denim) to my list of items to get. I'm also really in love with Missoni, and your top is gorgeous!


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