B.Y.O.S. (Bring Your Own Sunshine)

This weekend sort of marks the beginning of the deluge of tourism that sort of defines the warmer part of the year here on the west coast of Scotland, and in classic form, the rain has been steadily falling since late last night. I thought I had a dry moment and went outside to shoot this, but the Gods of Weather and Mischief must have seen me, because it immediately started raining again. Luckily, I was able to move quickly and get it done. So all the more reason to bring your own sunshine, I guess. While it's still not quite warm enough to be wearing this look without a coat, we're getting there. Slowly. 

This look is really only a "look" because of the color (and maybe the pattern of the trousers). It's quite simple, and if you were to take the color away and trade it for black or grey, you would likely get bored quickly and slip into a coma by the end of this paragraph. 

I like yellow with blue, and I find that mixing a bright yellow with a bit of a softer blue, like this periwinkle, softens a look a bit and gives it less of a nautical vibe which tends to have sharper edges and more defined shapes. This sweater (a gift from my Mom, thanks Mom!) is very slouchy, so I thought it would best be paired with a blue that was a little softer. The shoes are a few seasons old, but I love them. Kitten heels and pointy toes…straight outa the 90s

Some silver jewelry to finish it off, and that's that. Simple, easy, and super-sunny in a place that currently, is so not.

Gap cotton-linen sweater (old), similar / Kenar trousers (last season), similar / Chinese Laundry shoes (old), sorta similar / Barca turquoise ring (old), similar / Sterling cuff (old), similar / sterling star drop earrings (via TK Maxx), similar


  1. Sunny! in the rain. We're having a very wet Easter morning here. Love your colorful sweater, needed that! xox


  2. Yes! we caught you looking like a burst of sunshine. Right down to your reflective pointy toes!

  3. Well done on getting a photo this weekend marks the start of the Devon visitor influx, I felt so sorry for them particularly people with little kids to entertain. Great outfit for a lunch or casual "event"

  4. Tha colour has brightened my day up but Boo hoo to photoshop yet again ! hee hee wink wink Dicky Doo UK x x x


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