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Later today I'm flying from Glasgow to Malaga, where the temperatures are considerably sunnier and warmer than they are here. This always poses a problem at this time of year. You can't really run around in Scotland in open toe shoes for very long (although I've done it before when catching a flight, and it was brutal), so I always try to come up with some casual kind of convertible outfit that will play on both sides of the flight, yet have minimal pieces to change-out.

I like that slouchier, more casual looks are coming back into vogue, because it makes this kind of dressing so much easier than back when skin tight jeans were the thing. And do not even utter the word leggings to me. No. Leggings are for yoga, and wearing under your tennis skirt when it's cold. I don't think I could bear walking down the aisle of a plane in leggings. I am of the leggings are not pants school of thought.

But I digress. Just like our parents always told us (right after the whole thing about 40% of your body heat leaving the body through your head, which turned out not to be true!), the key to surviving such drastic climate changes is layering.

Here, I've used my black flutter-sleeve draped tee and a pair of cropped jeans as the "base" . A lightweight cotton cardigan (which will also work well at night in a warmer climate), and a change of shoes, and that's basically it. Oh, and a ponytail. Because I used a blowdrier today for the first time in months, and now my hair is massive. So best not to turn your back to it, try and move really slowly,  and whatever happens, do not look directly at it, because it will see that as a challenge and attack. Just stay nice and calm and still, and eventually it will get bored and move on.


  1. Very fresh. I do the same but opposite (?) when departing Florida for NYC in the winter. Light layers, and extra pieces in my carry-on. Love your not-skinny jeans! xox


  2. I'm a great fan of reversible garments for traveling. But then, I can design and sew a lot of my own clothing; and am a frumpy matron who no longer eschews elastic waistbands, and who nearly always wears blouses untucked. Reversible woven tee, reversible pajama-style trews, reversible skirt, reversible vest, reversible jacket, various bits of underwear and sox and scarves and lots of bright costume jewelry can take you for days and days of non-repeated outfits and only a small travel bag.

    I saw a sleeveless silk shell in a fancy dress shop, years ago, that was four colors: front and back were exactly the same shape, but each front and each back on each side of the top was a different color. Meant to be worn under a jacket, to refresh your look when on a sea cruise or at a resort. I always felt too busty to carry off that look, and I hate how my arms look out of sleeves, and the look was meant for women 20 years older than I at the time. Might be doable if I split the sleeve of my favorite woven tee pattern ... I'll get back to you on that.

  3. I'm so with you on that "leggings are not pants". Unfortunately, so many others are not. Your travel clothes solution looks simple and comfortable too - hurrah. I love your blog, but you know that already. It's about a year ago that I started mine and when I'm a true grown up blogger I hope my blog will be as sleek, slick and well written as yours. You were my primary inspiration along with Catherine, so thank you for showing me how.

    1. Anna, that is high praise indeed, and I appreciate your reading my blog in the first place. I am a fan of yours as well.

  4. I'm with you on the leggings! This looks like my kind of travel outfit. :-)


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