Ostara at last!

Ostara is one of the names given to the Spring or Vernal Equinox, which occurs on the 21st of March. While thoroughly-referenced academic information on the matter is actually kind of patchy, It is widely believed that Ostara was a Germanic folk deity that was a Goddess of Spring. Legend has it that the Saxon version of Ostara was called Eostre, and that one winter Eostre found an injured bird, whom she transformed into a hare in order to save it from the cold. Apparently the hare did not fully transform, and was still able to lay eggs, which the hare would then decorate and leave as gifts for the Goddess.

Eggs are a universal symbol of fertility, and back in the pre-Christian days, most people would have lived by the almanac, with the egg symbolising the beginning of the fertile growing season during their Spring festivals. It's believed that the Christian church absorbed these symbols of the pagan festivals into their own narrative in order to lure the pagan population into the fold of the church and stop practicing the "old ways". Hence the similarities, or so the story goes.

Regardless of what your personal beliefs are, the message is the same; the Spring Equinox is seen as a time for the reawakening of the earth, growth and new possibilities.  And of course, for those of us who simply cannot stand the thought of putting on that dark, winter wool sweater one more time or we're simply going to lose our s**t, I'm serious you guys, I'm not joking….the Spring Equinox is one of the most welcome events on the yearly calendar. 

So much so, that the very minute that the temperatures get warm, we tend to go a little nuts and get out all the warm weather gear and start wearing it immediately, if not inappropriately (see my freezing cold feet in open toed shoes..not warm enough for these yet by a long shot). However, appropriateness notwithstanding, I felt that this was as good an opportunity as any to show off my new/old (by which I mean secondhand) silk tunic, originally from J. Crew, which is a perfect top for Ostara / Eostre Month / Easter, or whatever your thing is. 

silk J. Crew tunic (secondhand), similar  / Jag skinny jeans (old), similar / thrifted shoes, similar, Hagit Gorali ring (similar designs)

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  1. How wonderfully educational. Seriously. I love knowing that stuff. That tunic is a bohemian dream. J Crew. Really? Wow. I love your Ostara egg toenails. Lovely lovely lovely.

  2. Christians also "appropriated" pagan holiday times to celebrate so that the Christians would not be killed for celebrating Christian events while everyone else was practicing the state religion -- not merely to lure pagans into the fold, although that was a nice side effect.

    It was kind of like how a virus can disguise/mask itself as something else, so that a body's T-cells won't destroy it before it can grow and reproduce. (Pretty thin metaphor, but I think it holds up. I speak as a practicing Christian.)

    Happy Easter to you!

  3. Such a gorgeous top! I know what you mean about our eagerness to shrug off our winter layers, and then freezing for the rest of the day. I try to hold out until the end of April. April's nearly May, and golly, May is pretty nearly summer isn't it?
    Those sandals are so elegant; totally chic for daytime. You look fab x
    Anna's Island Style

  4. Glorious tunic, and thanks for the history. It seems the whole planet welcomes the arrival of spring! Thanks for linking, xo


  5. Love that tunic, and enjoyed the history lesson! :-)

  6. Where do i start? I love learning new things, so this was interesting! Love the picture with you and the egg. This top is gorgeous, love the print and the embroidery is fabulous so unique. I need to get out my white jeans after seeing them. I am with you, cold toes and all I want to wear sandals, your blue pedi is so pretty!
    Thanks for linking up with Turning Heads TUesday
    jess xx

  7. Thank you for the explanation of Easter eggs and rabbits, it has always puzzled me!
    Love your ring! Found that a jeweller in Ayr stocks them so intend to treat myself.
    By the way : which shampoo do you use? I've always admired your hair.
    Thank you, from Kate, Wirral.

    1. Hi there, I don't really have an affinity for any one kind of shampoo. I basically try to buy anything that is moisturising. Currently I have Aussie Moist in my shower, as well as a bit of Garnier smoothing. I also use a blue shampoo a few times a month (at most). I like to focus more on conditioning than shampoo, so that is where I make sure to have something decent in the shower. I try to wash my hair as infrequently as possible, as that seems to dry it out.

  8. Beautiful tunic!! Hope you're recovering well from the hypothermia.....

  9. Love it! All of it! The tunic, the shoes, the bird rabbit, yes! Maybe have gotten a a bit of spring fever there. Whew.


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